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The Advantages of Fresh Christmas Trees

The holiday season is right around the corner, and that means many families will be making one of the most common decisions: buy a real Christmas tree or an artificial one? For some people, the answer is obvious, but others may have a difficult time coming to a conclusion. The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of all your holiday decorations, so of course, you want a definitive answer. The Burkholder team loves fresh Christmas trees, and we encourage you to explore our fresh-cut variety. Below are some advantages of fresh Christmas trees.

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3 Advantages of Fresh Christmas Trees

Personal preferences aside, fresh-cut Christmas trees have certain benefits.

Christmas tree farm, local business advantages of fresh Christmas trees

Good for the Environment

Christmas trees, like all trees, provide numerous benefits to our environment. They absorb carbon dioxide and produce fresh, clean oxygen. One acre of Christmas trees removes around 500 pounds of carbon dioxide and produces roughly 1,000 pounds of oxygen. This process has the added benefit of giving your home a fresh, woody pine scent that can fill your home and enhance the holiday mood.

One misconception is that Christmas trees are cut down and “stolen” from forests. The reality is that Christmas trees are grown on farms and are meant to be cut down and sold, with new saplings being replanted for each tree cut down. If you are worried about nature and preserving our forests, you can have peace of mind with regards to Christmas trees. Those farms bring us to our second main point on the advantages of fresh Christmas trees.

Support Local Businesses and Green Spaces

Fresh Christmas tree in a room with presents

Maybe you and your family would enjoy going out to a farm to find the perfect Christmas tree, and this option is great if you have access. Most people who prefer fresh-cut trees will buy one from a tree farm, or a business that gets its trees from a tree farm. Buying a tree from a local farmer keeps money circulating in your local economy and helps your local farmers. When people buy goods and services from local businesses, more of the money spent stays in the local economy.

Also, many Christmas trees are grown on soil that only support Christmas trees, making those trees the only crop that those farms can sell. Buying fresh Christmas trees both supports your local businesses and preserves local green spaces.

Renewable and Recyclable

With enough saplings, Christmas tree farms can ensure a stable, constant supply of trees. Artificial Christmas trees, however, are petroleum-based products, and petroleum is a finite resource. Fresh Christmas trees are renewable and can be provided to millions of people.

When Christmas is over, what can you do with a fresh tree? You can recycle, of course. A common recycled use for fresh Christmas trees is mulch, but plenty of other uses exist. Fish and bird feeders, hiking trail paths, even soil erosion barriers are all uses for real trees. But an artificial tree, after about 6 to 9 years, will usually be dumped into a landfill, unable to provide any continuous beneficial function after Christmas.

Get Your Fresh Christmas Trees at the Burkholder Holiday Pop Up Market

If you are interested in buying a fresh-cut tree after reading about the advantages of fresh Christmas trees, stop by Burkholder’s Holiday Market! Beginning on November 29th we will offer fresh, Pennsylvania-grown Christmas trees and wreaths. This year you can choose from a variety of Douglas firs, Fraser firs, Turkish firs, Nordmann firs, and concolor firs. Visit our holiday page for more information about our market, or contact us directly.