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Situated in Delaware County, Broomall has become one of the more populous of Philadelphia’s far-flung neighborhoods. At last count in 2017, Broomall reportedly had a population of just under 11,000 residents with a median age of 46 years old. A lot of professionals and families call Broomall home and many of those homes are defined by modern and classical landscaping design in Broomall.

Broomall is a crossroads community, a town that grew thanks to the roads and railroads that crisscrossed it. The name “Broomall” came from the community’s honoring of John Martin Broomall, a 19th-century congressman who resided in the area. While many residents choose to live in Broomall and use those old crossroads to commute into Philadelphia, Broomall itself also has plenty of great employment opportunities. For instance, the innovative biotechnology company Drummond Scientific Company is stationed here. The primary business district is at the southern end of Broomall along 320 and is where most residents go to shop, bank, and dine.

To the north of this business district is where many of the neighborhoods branch with their comprehensive landscaping design in Broomall. While these neighborhoods include some recent construction, many homes date back to the 1950s and older, and their lawns are dotted with older, established trees and shrubbery. Much of landscaping design in Broomall involves maintaining these gorgeous old oaks and maples to keep them in peak condition without compromising the safety of homes and electrical lines.

To the far north of the community’s lines is the New Ardmore Avenue Park, the green jewel of Broomall. This massive park sprawls across both sides of Langford Road and encompasses the Lawrence Park Swim Club. In addition to swimming, this park offers a number of other varied recreational opportunities like multiple picnic areas, bar-b-que stations, a basketball court, scenic areas along Langford Run Creek, and an extensive children’s playground outfitted with new equipment. Abutting this park at the south is a separate park known as Veterans Park which boasts a large grassy area that is often utilized by local soccer and flag football players of all ages and skills.

At Burkholder, we are dedicated to providing beautiful home landscapes, creating for our clients the landscapes of their dreams. Below are some of the many services we offer to Broomall residents.

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