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Sir Sprinkler Professional Sprinkler System Installation

An underground sprinkler system makes an excellent addition to any residential home property — especially with the smart multi-functionality of modern sprinkler controllers. Sprinkler systems help owners control water so that they only use the amount of water their specific landscaping features need. The grass, shrubs, trees, and other plants you have in your yard can have very different water requirements. Professional sprinkler system installation is the best way to ensure that your property gets accurate and cost-efficient watering.

Why a professional sprinkler system installation? Installing underground piping in a way that ensures proper connection is no easy feat. Having a skilled contractor assist on this project is the best way to ensure that the investment you make today will work for you and last for many, many years to come. A professional sprinkler system installation will typically take place in the following key steps:

The Basic Steps for a Professional Sprinkler System Installation


Every great project begins first with a plan. Your sprinkler system installation will begin with a consultation with your contractor as you and they go through your property and determine the different zones you have, what plants need special watering, and proper placement of the elements of your system. Your individual plan may include drip irrigation elements for beds, as well as lawn irrigation with enough zones to allow for very individualized watering plans: because some parts of your landscape will need more water than others. Your specialist can help you plan both for your current needs, and for potential new landscaping changes in the future.


Every project is different. Your contractor will need to know if you have hard or soft water, and if the water pressure is steady. A local contractor will be familiar with local restrictions and guidelines on watering.

Utility Company Input

Whenever you are planning to dig on your property, the public utility companies that manage electric, gas, and water should be consulted. After the initial design, your contractor will contact the public utility group so they can send out a representative to flag where any public utility systems are located. He/she will then go over the design of your home sprinkler system to ensure that the installation process avoids hitting any existing piping and lines.

Organizing Materials and Digging the Trenches

Once everything has been designed and cleared, with flags marking both the planned piping route and the areas to avoid, the installation work begins. Your contractor will organize all of the elements, such as pvc pipes, drain valves, and manifolds, and begin digging the trenches. The trenches will typically be 12-18 inches deep to avoid any future damage to the pipes.

Placement of Piping, Valves, Wiring, and Sprinklers

Now comes the technical stage. Your contractor will neatly fit the different types of components that make up your residential sprinkler system and lay them out in the ground. In some cases, concrete may need to be poured to ensure the best operation and longevity out of the piping.

  • Valves will control the water flow to the different zones of your landscape.
  • Sprinkler heads, even those that retract when no water is flowing, have to be installed at the correct height for proper watering and to avoid being overgrown by grass or clogged with dirt and debris.
  • A timer controls when different zones will be watered, and this element is wired to the valve system.

Connecting the Water System to Your Home’s Water Supply

In this stage of the home sprinkler system installation process, the contractor will first connect the system to the water supply. He/she may also install a backflow preventer to separate sprinkler water from your normal potable water source.

Installing the Controller

The controller will be installed either outdoor or indoors according to your preference and the design of the controller. Today, many controllers offer the capability of being integrated with your home smart systems so that you can control your sprinkler system the same as you do with other aspects of your home, such as climate control. Our controllers also allow access through smart devices remotely.


With everything in place, the system will be tested to ensure that the entire lawn receives water coverage, and that no leaks are present.

Clean Up

The trenches will be refilled and leveled, and usually, the ground will be re-seeded for grass growth. You should schedule spring and winter maintenance to avoid any damage to the system, but with care, your sprinkler system installation will allow you to enjoy hassle-free lawn watering for many years to come.

Lawn Sprinkler Considerations and Decisions

If you are considering installing a sprinkler system, a few factors may need to be addressed that could cause difficulty in your irrigation system installation.

Soil Type

Rocky soil makes trenching more difficult and this factor may impact the cost and/or timeframe of your installation project.

Hard Water

Hard water, with its higher concentration of mineral sediment, can cause damage to valves and other system components. A filter may be necessary to protect your system.

Water Pressure and Flow Capacity

The water pressure can be checked at an outdoor faucet. If your water supply line provides too little pounds per square inch (PSI) of water pressure, special design elements may be affected. If you lack sufficient water flow to cover the whole lawn, your contractor may need to take measures like installing a water receptacle. Having knowledge of the water pressure is also important because sprinkler heads will use different amounts of water at different water pressures

Sir Sprinkler Offers Professional Sprinkler System Installation, Maintenance and Repair

If you want an effortless way to water your lawn and have lush green grass, trees and shrubs, an irrigation system is a good solution. Sir Sprinkler designs each system to meet the needs of your landscape. Then we perform the sprinkler system installation, using high-quality equipment from top brands like Rain Bird and Rachio. To schedule your consultation, contact us today!

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