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When you invest in an irrigation system, you want to get the highest quality system for your money. Here at Sir Sprinkler, we believe that your irrigation system should be a long-term investment and as such we only use the top-rated, best lawn sprinkler brands when installing new systems on our clients’ properties. What are the best lawn sprinkler brands?

Best Lawn Sprinkler Brands


Rachio is a great company that specializes in designing and manufacturing intelligent sprinkler systems and controllers. Rachio systems may feature smart sprinkler controllers, wireless flow meters and even an app that allows users to monitor and control all aspects of landscape watering. Both Generation 2 and Rachio 3 controllers offer the feature Standard Weather Intelligence™, which helps reduce unnecessary watering. They also both support up to 16 zones.

Rain Bird

While Rachio is relatively new to the market (since 2013), Rain Bird was one of the first companies ever to enter the irrigation industry. This company was founded back in 1933 during California’s big agricultural boom and has been helping both the private and business sector enjoy more beautiful lawns ever since.

Today, Rain Bird boasts over 4,000 products — many of which our team at Burkholder recommends and uses in our sprinkler installations. Of particular note are the valves and sprinkler heads, which have been specially designed and utilize the highest-grade materials for longevity and durability.

Get the Best Lawn Sprinkler Brands in Your Sprinkler Irrigation Installation

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