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Custom decks make a wonderful addition to any home and are beautiful outdoor features. Offering better home values, more recreational opportunities, and improved aesthetics, no one should be surprised that adding a deck is among the most popular outdoor home improvement projects. So if you are considering adding a custom deck to your home, you are in good company! Before construction can begin, an important question is what type of material you want to use.

While most people love the look and feel of traditional wooden custom decks, and the up-front cost may be lower, wood as a building material has some drawbacks. For example, wooden decks require strict care and maintenance to keep them in good condition. Thankfully, alternative material is available and is an excellent fit for those who want to avoid the disadvantages of wood: Composite decking.

Built in seating and spa on a custom deck | Burkholder Landscape

What Is a Composite Deck and What Are the Advantages?

Composite decking is a manmade building product comprised of recycled wood fibers and recycled plastic. They come in a great array of colors and styles to simulate both familiar and exotic hardwoods, offering homeowners an exciting variety of options to choose from when planning out custom decks. Of course, appearing similar to traditional wooden materials is just one of the many advantages composite decks have.

One of the additional benefits of composite decking is safety. With composite custom decks, you have no problems with the rotting or splintering that can cause problems in natural wood decks. Other key benefits of using this material include:

Low Maintenance

Composite decks are designed to require very little regular maintenance. Where wooden decks must be regularly sanded, stained, and painted, composite decking just needs a hose and routine washing to keep the surface looking like-new for many years.

Durable and Long Lasting

Composite custom decks are so easy to care for and feature such a strong inherent design that resists fading, staining, and mold, that many brands include a 20+ year fade and stain warranty on their products. Because deck builders construct composite decks primarily out of plastics and recycled fibers with no living wood, these materials are insect and splinter-proof. This makes them a more comfortable alternative for families with children and pets.


While composite decking materials are made primarily of plastic, the vast majority of the materials come from recycled products. Composite boards use recycled content like that from shopping bags, newspaper sleeves, and wood scraps. This factor makes them a great choice for those concerned about the environment and maintaining a small footprint.


Composite decks are available in various colors and styles, and the materials maintain their new look. Due to high UV resistance, you will see no fading like that found in natural wood projects. No defects exist in the composite, like knotholes, that would make part of the materials unusable.

Call Burkholder to Learn About Custom Decks

More and more homeowners are making the switch to composite decks thanks to these and other key advantages. Composite decks are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a strong, durable deck with great value. As with any building material, quality matters, and Burkholder uses top-quality composite products in our custom deck projects. We offer a range of design and build services, from custom decks to pools and spas to fire pits and more. Our team has years of experience building quality decks for Main Line residents. Call today to learn how adding a custom deck to your outdoor living space can add seating, storage, and more.

  • Composite Decking with open stairway down to flagstone patio

  • Raised Composite Deck with enclosed screened in porch underneath

  • Raised Composite Deck with paver patio down below

  • Composite Deck with built-in bench

  • Raised Composite Deck with black decorative railing