Fall Grass Planting Tips

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While every homeowner wants their lawn to be lush and vibrant at all times, some issues like drought, disease, and pests can lead homeowners to need new grass planted on their properties. With fall just around the corner, the time to plant fresh grass is now. We will share some advice on fall grass planting, such as why fall is an excellent time to plant grass, which…

5 Common Summer Turf Issues

POSTED ON: BY: Burkholder
Do you see the same issues with your lawn every summer, such as brown grass, patches of dirt, and a whole lot of insects? You and countless other homeowners deal with these summer turf issues that happen like clockwork and lead to more work. Homeowners want their lawns to look beautiful, and these problems get in the way of achieving that. So we have gathered a list …

Lawn Watering For Different Grass Types

POSTED ON: BY: Burkholder
Keeping a lawn watered is vital and seems simple enough on the surface. But yard and grass care encompass many factors that, when understood, that can help ensure your lawns’ watering needs are met. One factor, grass type, can significantly impact when and how you should water your lawn. So to help keep your property beautiful and healthy, here are tips on lawn water…

Importance of Proper Watering

POSTED ON: BY: Burkholder
Everyone knows that watering is vital for healthy plants and trees, but some may be unaware of the right amount needed. Some homeowners can easily fall into overwatering or underwatering their plants, which causes plant health care issues. Understanding the importance of proper watering is crucial to keeping plants healthy and looking great. Below we discuss why prop…

Technological Advancements Make Sprinkler Irrigation Systems More Appealing than Ever

POSTED ON: BY: Burkholder
As one of the hottest months of the year, July is appropriately designated as Smart Irrigation Month. The Irrigation Association has set forth the time to raise awareness of the benefits: social, economic, and environmental, of efficient irrigation. In our area, August is usually just as hot. Summer’s scorching weather causes us to be concerned about the health of ou…

What Are Girdling Roots?

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The roots of a tree are vital to the health and appearance of that tree. Roots provide nutrients, water, stability, and more to keep trees alive and healthy, and any issues that negatively affect roots, in turn, affect trees. Girdling roots is one of the most common issues that trees in urban environments run into and can be a serious problem if left untreated. Below…

FAQs About Plant Health Care

POSTED ON: BY: Burkholder
Homeowners approach us about plant health care, wondering precisely what services are involved and how those services benefit them. While the name sounds simple at first, plant health care encapsulates a wide range of different landscape maintenance techniques and plant health maintenance methods. Homeowners benefit from plant health care services in numerous ways. W…

Is Overseeding Lawns in Spring Ideal?

POSTED ON: BY: Burkholder
Every homeowner wants to keep their lawn looking full and beautiful, but sometimes issues arise to make that difficult. Hot, dry weather, pests and disease, and many other factors can leave lawns looking thin and unhealthy. When those problems occur, overseeding is a solution that can help mitigate and prevent some of the issues homeowners face. But when is the best …

When is the Best Time to Lay Sod?

POSTED ON: BY: Burkholder
When homeowners want to make their lawns healthier or more vibrant, one way they often choose to do so is to lay sod. Sod, also known as turf, is grass, commonly harvested into rolls, including a thin layer of soil. The rolls are held together by the root system or, in some instances, a thin layer of biodegradable material. You have probably seen sod rolls used on pe…

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