Plant Care 101 from Burkholder PHC

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The most efficient approach to protecting your landscape and plant health is through consistent maintenance and care. Our experts are offering some Plant Care 101 -information about preventive measures and building resiliency within plants. Plant care is also comprehensive and includes several different areas of landscaping and horticulture. Get a Free Plant He…

Burkholder Introduces New Plant Health Care Department

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Malvern, PA – April 12, 2021 – Burkholder Brothers announces the opening of a new plant health care department called Burkholder PHC. This new department will work hand in hand with the Burkholder Landscape design, build and maintenance teams that have been servicing the Delaware valley for the past 30 years. New plant health care services will include all aspects of pest…

Types of Plant Pests in PA

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Many homeowners in Pennsylvania have spent a lot of time and money ensuring their landscapes are pristine and healthy. Sometimes, however, certain pests can disrupt or damage those landscapes. Pests can harm both the appearance and health of trees, flowers, shrubs, and any other plant life on properties. Here are some of the various types of plant pests in PA. 2 Majo…

Soil Management

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Plants have many needs to maintain their health and appearance: water, oxygen, nutrients, and a physical medium for their seeds to germinate and grow their roots. All of these items are, in part, provided by soil, making soil health tied to plant health. To ensure that your soil is healthy and supplies nutrients for your plants, you may need soil management: a collec…

What Is Plant Health Care (PHC)?

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Plants can add a great deal of value and beauty to a landscape if they are healthy. While plants have the same basic needs, one plant’s health risks may be entirely different from another, even those on the same property. So what is Plant Health Care? Plant health care is the answer to the complexities and intricacies of keeping various kinds of plant life in the sam…

The Principles of Estate Landscape Management

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Large estate management and care differ significantly from traditional residential landscaping. The scale of estate property management presents unique challenges. The properties are larger which increases the scope of work, but also, irrigation on such a large scale landscape, which can include large water features, valuable trees and plants, and an extremely variab…

February Landscaping Tips From Burkholder Brothers

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As the chilly winter leaves us and spring draws closer, this time of year is excellent for getting your landscape ready for the new season. Some homeowners may wait until the arrival of spring to start thinking about their lawn and landscape, but we suggest starting earlier. Thinking about lawn care and any big plans you have for your landscape now will benefit you, …

2021 Landscape Design Trends You May Want to Try

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Each new year, many homeowners plan to implement changes in their landscapes to improve their properties after the long winter As this New Year gets underway, Burkholder offers 2021 landscape design trends to inspire you. Native plants are great options for people who want to bring new, low-maintenance plant life into their lawns. Incorporating indoor technology and …

Last Minute Gift Ideas from Burkholder Brothers

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With the year winding down, some people may be scrambling for last minute gift ideas. We suggest that you consider what the person for whom you are buying does every day or what their interests are. Some people may want gifts for their homes, such as wall or furniture décor, while others are more interested in edible gifts. Certain electronics or technologies that make one’…

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