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Landscape Ideas & Design

Update the look of your front or backyard with Burkholder Brothers’ landscape ideas and designs that will add more value to your property.

Unique holiday gifts available at the 2019 Burkholder Holiday Market

Find Unique Holiday Gifts at Burkholder’s Holiday Pop Up Market

We all have had the experience of struggling to find the right gift for a friend or family member. That person might already have everything, and therefore finding a unique gift is challenging, or you might just be unsure of what that person likes. Whatever the reason, we all want to buy unique gifts for our friends and family. Some may decide to simply give gift cards, which are popular and useful for many people. A gift that is fun, speaks to our personality and enhances the holiday mood, however, is always appreciated. Burkholder has some great ideas for unique holiday gifts.

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Christmas tree farm - Burkholder Holiday Market

Types of Fresh Christmas Trees for Your Home

The holiday season is here, and many families will be going out to local tree farms to pick out the perfect Christmas tree. This is a great way to share memories with family and support local businesses and green spaces. Many families might already know what tree to look for, but for those who have yet to make up their minds, we discuss three types of fresh Christmas trees you can buy. Christmas trees come in a variety of different species, all of which have their own unique traits and advantages.

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fresh christmas trees

The Advantages of Fresh Christmas Trees

The holiday season is right around the corner, and that means many families will be making one of the most common decisions: buy a real Christmas tree or an artificial one? For some people, the answer is obvious, but others may have a difficult time coming to a conclusion. The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of all your holiday decorations, so of course, you want a definitive answer. The Burkholder team loves fresh Christmas trees, and we encourage you to explore our fresh-cut variety. Below are some advantages of fresh Christmas trees.

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A soup kitchen is one of ways to volunteer - Burkholder Brothers

5 Ways to Volunteer During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is here, and while giving and receiving gifts to and from loved ones is enjoyable, the holiday season is also a great time for giving to our communities. The Burkholder Brothers team frequently participates in community events and we know that many of our Main Line community neighbors want to help as well. For this holiday season, we discuss 5 ways to volunteer and help those less fortunate in our communities.

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outdoor lighting residential property

Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space with Outdoor Lighting

Your outdoor living space adds so much value to your home. Those outdoor spaces add livable areas for you to enjoy, either with guests at a party or with children playing outside. One of the most effective ways of making that space more welcoming is to upgrade your outdoor living space with outdoor lighting. Here are a few tips that will help take your outdoor enjoyment to the next level.

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sprinkler irrigation system

Technological Advancements Make Sprinkler Irrigation Systems More Appealing than Ever

As one of the hottest months of the year, next month, July, is appropriately designated as Smart Irrigation Month. The time has been set forth by the Irrigation Association to raise awareness of the benefits; social, economic and environmental; of efficient irrigation. In our area, August is usually just as hot. Summer’s scorching weather causes us to be concerned about the health of our lawns and many options exist today in sprinkler irrigation technology that make sprinkler irrigation system installation even smarter.

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Burkholder Offers 3 Reasons You Will Want an Irrigation System This Year

Spring rains bring a lot of green to the landscape and everywhere you look yards and fields are lush. However, when summer arrives with less rain and intense heat many yards begin to wither and we see a lot of brown grass. At this time of year, when families want to spend time outside having barbecues or playing outdoor games, having a soft, green manicured lawn is very desirable. What makes the difference between the lush green yard and the dry crunchy brown yard next door? Probably an irrigation system.

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How to Properly Water New Plants

Every living thing in your landscape needs water to thrive, and watering correctly is vital, whether you are hand-watering planters, or using a sprinkler system to achieve a lush green lawn. We will help you understand how to properly water new plants and established ones. If you lack the time necessary for such care, we can also help you by installing a customized sprinkler system.

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