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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Sir Sprinkler Irrigation System

If you are looking for a sprinkler to keep your lawn lush, choose a Sir Sprinkler irrigation system. Sir Sprinkler is a local Main Line company that has been designing, installing, and servicing sprinkler systems since 1996. Installing a Sir Sprinkler irrigation system offers many benefits, including quality components and system servicing options.

Learn 3 Advantages of Choosing a Sir Sprinkler Irrigation System

Irrigation systems offer many benefits to homeowners. Below are three reasons why you should choose Sir Sprinkler to design and install your system.

Customized Designs

Sprinkler system running in front of house | Sir Sprinkler irrigation system | Burkholder Brothers

Sir Sprinkler evaluates each landscape to determine the specific watering needs, such as properly watering newly installed plants, and taking into consideration water pressure, filters and more. We then design a system with the necessary features and zones to accommodate those needs. Our systems provide consistent watering to keep landscapes lush and green. Rain sensors can be geo-sensitive and linked to local weather information that will automatically “opt-out” of watering on a day if rain is likely. Smart technology, like the rain sensors, minimizes the risk of overwatering, which keeps lawns green and saves water at the same time. Multiple, intelligently placed sprinklers provide full coverage for all plants in your landscape, from the yard to the shrubs to the trees. Consistent, full coverage watering that minimizes overwatering makes a Sir Sprinkler irrigation system ideal for many homeowners.

Top Quality Parts

Irrigation systems are an investment in your landscape and Sir Sprinkler uses top-rated lawn sprinkler brands so that you get the best value for your investment. For example, Rachio specializes in intelligent sprinkler systems and controllers. Rain Bird is known for valves and sprinkler heads made with the highest grade materials and water-efficient technology. Quality parts are the foundation of a long-lasting system that meets your watering needs.

Continued Support & Service

When you invest in a Sir Sprinkler irrigation system, you also receive continued support and service. Routine adjustments and regular maintenance checks are essential to make sure your landscape is getting the proper irrigation and that your irrigation system is running efficiently. We offer spring startups, fall winterization, backflow testing, and system upgrades to improve the durability and effectiveness of your irrigation system. We offer repair services for our systems, and we also service a number of other brands, including Toro, Hunter, Orbit and K-Rain.

Contact Burkholder Brothers for a Sir Sprinkler Irrigation System

If you want a lush, green lawn, contact Burkholder Brothers for irrigation systems and solutions. Our certified technicians have years of experience in working with irrigation systems in the Main Line area. We offer a wide range of irrigation and landscape services to keep your landscape vibrant and healthy. To learn more about the Sir Sprinkler Irrigation System or the benefits of sprinkler and irrigation companies, contact Burkholder Brothers for a consultation.