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A sprinkler system design helps transform clients’ lawns and plant material into lush picturesque landscapes like those seen on TV and in magazines. Today’s lawn sprinklers deliver water to the grass and plants much more efficiently than hand watering efforts. Once installed and programmed, the systems are pretty much self-sufficient so clients rarely need to do anything to obtain that polished green look they are after.

Tired of Dragging that hose around or worrying about who is going to water your flowers when you are on vacation?

With a professionally installed irrigation system, your lawn, trees, shrubs, pots and colorful flowers will flourish, keeping your landscape looking beautiful no matter how hot and dry the weather is. The value of your home will be enhanced, and the investment you have made in your home’s curb appeal will always be protected.

Why spend another minute of your valuable time watering your lawn? Your Sir Sprinkler irrigation system will do the watering for you – and may even save you money! Sir Sprinkler’s custom automatic sprinkler system designs meet exacting standards to best suit your property and automatically provides your yard just the right amount of water needed in each section of your yard. No more pools of water from accidentally leaving the sprinkler on too long – which means no wasting water!

Sir Sprinkler uses only the most innovative, reliable, and highest quality products available, from brands like Rachio and Rain Bird, to provide the most water-efficient irrigation products for a beautiful, lush landscape that lasts for years to come. Sir Sprinkler has all the necessary products needed for any well-designed irrigation system and we are committed to generating the newest solutions to save you water and energy.

Your landscape reflects the pride you take in your home and your neighborhood. With an automatic sprinkler system professionally designed and installed by Sir Sprinkler, you won’t have to worry about keeping your landscape beautiful – the system will do the work for you! Contact Sir Sprinkler today for a complimentary, no obligation estimate!

Our Irrigation Services Include:

Sprinkler System Design

We map out or draw your property and determine the proper zones so that your landscape has complete coverage and accurate water distribution.

Lawn Irrigation System Installation

Our professionals take care of all the details. We know the local restrictions and authorities to contact, so installation is efficient. precise and reliable.

Planting Bed Irrigation Systems

Planting beds may benefit from drip irrigation systems, and we can incorporate these into your overall sprinkler system design.

Spring Start-Ups

In the spring we recommend a check-up to make sure that everything is in working order before the heat of summer arrives.

Fall Winterizations

Lines should be completely clear of water before cold weather can cause freezing, which can damage the pipes and lines.

Monthly or Bi-Weekly Maintenance Checks

Regular maintenance will keep your system in pristine shape and catch any leaks, which could save you money on your water bill.

Backflow Testing

Backflow preventers keep your sprinkler water separate from your potable water supply, so we ensure that they are working properly.

Troubleshooting and Repairs

Sometimes problems occur, like an unusual pressure loss or someone breaking a sprinkler head. We troubleshoot and handle all repair needs.

Sprinkler System Design and Installation

Sir Sprinkler’s professionals will evaluate your property’s irrigation needs and then design your sprinkler system to meet those needs. We follow a step by step process, which includes checking to see that your water supply is sufficient, that water pressure is adequate, and whether you need to have a filter installed. We determine the types of sprinkler elements that will be required. We decide on the right pipe size, sprinkler heads, irrigation valves and irrigation controller for your landscape and personal preferences.

Trust Burkholder for Professional Sprinkler Irrigation System Design

Choosing the right sprinkler irrigation system design is an important step in ensuring that your lawn receives proper treatment. Our certified technicians will install automatic sprinklers that will protect your landscape and assist in the maintenance as well as the health of your plant material while conserving water. Call Burkholder Landscape today or fill out the form below to set up a consultation.

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