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Less than a square mile large, Narberth is a tiny borough and yet its coziness and walkability continues to draw in new residents. Due to its small size, many confuse the area as a simple neighborhood, though Narberth is actually a municipality, with its own government and local services. The cohesive landscaping design in Narberth as well as the seamless way in which the downtown and residential areas flow together make this a truly unique and beautiful place to live and work.

Where most towns and boroughs have a major road running through their centers, Narberth has the SEPTA Regional Rail which enables easy and efficient travel in and out of the community without the need of personal automobiles. Just north of the Narberth rail station is the town’s major business district. Here is where you’ll find most of the borough’s fourteen restaurants, library, cinema, and other shops and organizations. Near this area is also the outstanding Narberth Playground boasting three all-weather tennis courts, two lit basketball courts, team field facilities, and an exciting variety of modern and well-cared for playground equipment.

Walking outwards from this central area of shops, recreation, and schools, visitors will quickly find themselves meandering along tree-lined sidewalks and beautiful homes and gardens. The landscaping design in Narberth is some of the best, with plenty of properly trimmed and pruned trees and well-maintained gardens that really accentuate the cozy, almost rural feel of this borough. In fact, part of the reason why the homes and landscaping design in Narberth flows together so well is because of a part of the town was a planned residential community known as Narberth Gardens or Narbrook Park Historic District. Built in the 1950s, the area features Dutch Colonial Revival and craftsman bungalow architectural styles.

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