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Landscaping Design in Swarthmore

Swarthmore, PA is a college town unlike many others. The town has no noisy college bars as it was a fully dry-town until 2017, so popular evening activities include concerts and lectures at the college and community plays at the nearby Hedgerow Theater. During warm summer mornings and bright winter afternoons, residents and students alike are often found meandering the fantastic landscaping design features in Swarthmore College’s Scott Arboretum.

This tiny borough of Swarthmore hosts under 6,200 residents, of which approximately 1,300 are full-time students at the neighboring Swarthmore College. Originally named “Westdale,” the bucolic village earned its own stop in 1854 for the regular train service connecting Philadelphia and Media. In the decades to follow, Swarthmore College became a dominating socioeconomic presence and in 1976, the train station’s name changed to Swarthmore and the town itself soon followed suit.

Today, the rail station remains the center of the town with a rich and lively business district bordering it. This charming town center boasts a rich array of independent and specialized stores, including the award-winning Swarthmore Co-op. This community-owned food market serves both as a convenient shopping destination for fresh foods and a social and event hub for residents. Like the city itself, the Swarthmore Co-op prides itself in being community-first with a focus on health and wellness.

Health and wellness is likewise an integral part of the landscaping design in Swarthmore. In addition to the Scott Arboretum’s beautiful specimens of flowering shrubs, evergreen trees, and tall grasses, residents enjoy Swarthmore’s mix of spectacular stone and stucco Tudor homes, sprawling ranch houses, and tall brick apartments, which are frequently offset with fantastic landscaping design filled with native and well-chosen non-native specimens.

At Burkholder, our team of landscape design professionals strives to create and maintain for each of our clients an arboretum and classical garden all their own. We endeavor to bring only the best in landscaping design to our Swarthmore neighbors. The list of services below indicates some of the ways we can boost the beauty and value of your Swarthmore property.

Contact Burkholder for Landscaping Design in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

If you are considering a change that will allow your backyard to become an oasis for your family to enjoy, call Burkholder. We offer experienced landscaping design in Swarthmore and in many nearby communities. For a consultation, contact us today!