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Sir Sprinkler Lawn Irrigation Services

Sprinkler design and installation is only the first part of the service we offer our customers. To ensure that you can continue to efficiently and effortlessly water your lawn, trees and shrubs, we also provide ongoing lawn sprinkler irrigation maintenance and repair services.

Irrigation System Repair Services

Sprinkler and irrigation system repairs can be a big expense for property owners. One of the ways that Sir Sprinkler helps clients is by providing experienced technical support for irrigation system maintenance and repairs. We can service any brand such as Toro, Hunter, Orbit and K-Rain.

The Sir Sprinkler team has years of experience in the irrigation industry and can analyze your existing irrigation system to give you the advice and expert knowledge you need to keep your irrigation system running smoothly.

Sprinkler System Upgrades

Need to upgrade your irrigation system? Sometimes just a couple of easy changes are all you need to save water and money on lawn care. Sir Sprinkler installs the highest quality system components, like the industry-leading Rachio Wi-Fi Timer. Rachio will save water and save you money. Get the most of every drop of water.

Rachio automatically customizes the schedule for your year, while enabling you or Sir Sprinkler to control watering on mobile devices. Reduce your water bill by 50% and control from anywhere. Rachio also integrates with home systems such as Amazon Alexa, Nest and more.

Other suggestions are:

  • Have Sir sprinkler inspect your system annually for leaks, clogs, and wear
  • Install Flow Control with Rachio
  • Replace your old spray nozzles with new MP
  • Rotators that save up to 30% of water usage
  • Schedule spring start up services and fall winterization to prevent damage and keep your irrigation system working properly

Call Sir Sprinkler for All of Your Lawn Irrigation Services

Sir Sprinkler installation and lawn irrigation services can make keeping your landscape in pristine shape as simple as a phone call. For more information about our services and experience, contact us today. We would be happy to give you a complimentary consultation to discuss your landscape’s watering needs.

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