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Commercial Sprinkler Irrigation Systems by Sir Sprinkler

Beautiful softscapes require three primary things: sun, nutrients, and water. Irrigation systems provide the ability to efficiently and effectively water lawns and plants for pristine maintenance. Commercial property managers know that commercial sprinkler irrigation systems serve some needs that residential systems are unable to address.

The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

A residential irrigation system is a system that is designed for smaller properties, particularly for those built with only a single-family home atop it. In contrast, commercial irrigation systems are designed for larger properties on which water needs to be delivered across a wider area or an area with several different specific water needs.

The term ‘commercial sprinkler irrigation system’ may be a little confusing, since this type of system is used by entities other than store or office building owners. For instance, apartment complexes, educational facilities (including everything from elementary schools to massive state university grounds), and recreational areas all would need this type of irrigation system.

So what makes a commercial sprinkler irrigation system more appropriate than a residential irrigation system for these types of properties and grounds? The answer comes down to components. Commercial systems are built to be larger and to be able to handle significantly higher water flow than a traditional residential system. In order to service such landscapes, the commercial irrigation systems are built with larger pipes and heavier duty sprinkler heads and other components capable of handling increased water flow.

In order to support such increased water flow through those pipes, many commercial sprinkler irrigation systems include concrete supports for added stability at corners or in areas of inclines and declines. Similar to some high-end residential irrigation systems, commercial sprinkler irrigation systems are often outfitted with weather stations that assist in managing the exact amount of water in each zone of the commercial property.

Advantages of Commercial Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

Easy programming

Commercial irrigation systems are perfect for those businesses, schools, and other organizations that often have days off. Whether for the weekend or for extended periods when few people are on the grounds, easy controls, automatic programming, and remote access make commercial landscape management easier.

Reduce over-watering

In addition to having easy programming for on/off control, commercial irrigation systems include zoning settings that enable easy control of how much water is released and where. This ensures that each area of the property, from that with lush grasses to areas with plants that require minimal watering, gets the appropriate amount of water without wasted expenses.

Keep costs low

Commercial sprinkler systems, once installed, can save property owners in a couple of ways. The programmed specialized watering zones and easy on/off automatic watering means that you will often use less water, which means a lower monthly water bill. Water costs can add up, especially on a large commercial property. Rain Bird and Rachio, two of the top brands Sir Sprinkler uses for installations, each have timers or controllers with weather sensing abilities, so business owners avoid wasting money watering on rainy days. Because these systems largely operate on their own without necessary oversight, many property owners are able to keep maintenance costs lower upon installation.

Have a Commercial Sprinkler Irrigation System Professionally Installed by Sir Sprinkler

Once installed, commercial sprinkler irrigation systems are very low-maintenance with cost-effective results. However, such performance does depend upon correct installation and maintenance. Remember, this type of commercial-grade system involves high volumes of water, operating at much higher pressures than a traditional residential-grade system. A mistake in the installation can result in leaking and component breakage. This can result in expensive repairs. Having a professional Burkholder installer conduct an inspection and offer the best system for the property will ensure the best results possible for your irrigation needs. Contact us for a consultation today!