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Strafford is a small, unincorporated community nestled between the larger Pennsylvania townships of Wayne and Devon. However, size is all relative; while Strafford might have a small population, this community is big on heart and history. The houses run large and historic and are well paired with excellent traditional and natural landscaping design in Strafford.

The first earnest development in Strafford began in the 1920s as a few enterprising Philadelphia residents sought to find peace, beauty, and comfort just outside the city. A nice row of houses was constructed along the west side of Old Eagle School Road. This road lay alongside the rail station that once carried the Philadelphia and Western Railroad trains, and also along the northern end of Upper Gulph Road. Within a few short decades, several farm tracts were bought up by other investors and the land was transitioned from agricultural to residential use. These tracts, like the first row of homes, boasted large homes with big yards perfect for personalized landscaping design in Strafford.

Over the years, other tracts of land were added to the growing company and business began to flourish along the bustling rail line. Eventually, however, in 1956, service along P&W’s main line was discontinued. Things and businesses were changing and the community evolving to meet the changing demands and desires of its denizens. A couple of decades later, the abandoned railroad was transformed into one of the region’s first and most beloved multi-use paths. Some of the early residential and commercial buildings were torn down, their plots either split up or expanded and new buildings erected in their place. Yet, even a century later, much of the landscaping design in Strafford has remained the same, with its emphasis on natural and traditional.

From SEPTA’s Strafford Station, one only has to head north on Old Eagle School Road to enjoy a good glimpse of what this community has to offer in terms of design and landscaping. Along this road are many gorgeous two and three-story homes with white picket fencing and well-maintained grounds, featuring trimmed trees and nicely manicured hedges and shrubs.

At Burkholder, we are committed to providing beautiful home landscapes, creating for our clients the landscapes of their dreams. Below are some of the many services we offer to Strafford residents.

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