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Hardscape Contractors Near You Help Bring Unity and Utility to Your Yard

If you have ever envisioned yourself entertaining on your vibrant patio, strolling down your garden walkway, or relaxing in your pool house, then implementing hardscaping into your yard could help you maximize your enjoyment and appreciation of your home. Hardscaping is the term for the man-made features in landscape architecture, such as walkways, pavilions, and walls. Hardscaping anchors and complements the plant life in your yard to create a cohesive, dynamic space. Wondering “are there any hardscape contractors near me who can help me redesign my landscape?” Let us take a look at some hardscaping options and how they can revitalize your outdoor living space.

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Patios provide comfortable space for outdoor enjoyment, whether for large gatherings, family barbeques, or restful individual reflection. These spaces are great foundations for outdoor kitchens, beautiful and functional outdoor furniture, or spa installations.


Walkways can add structure to your yard and provide a safe and polished path to specific destinations. The surface choices are numerous, including concrete, brick, and stone and the shape can differ according to taste.

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Whether built for security or function, walls make architectural statements. They can sharpen the edges of lawns, creating contrasts between the greenery and hardscaping elements, retain areas of vegetation, and even provide seating!


Large or small, pavilions are practical, as they provide relief from the sun and rain. Along with providing shelter from the elements, pavilions can serve entertainment purposes by housing outdoor kitchens, seating areas, and in many cases, televisions.


Pergolas stand as an aesthetically pleasing focal point for your yard and make a beautiful design statement. They can be constructed from many different types of materials, and provide shade and space for relaxation.

Pools and Spas

Besides bringing both aesthetic value and enjoyment to a home, in-ground pools and spas are sources of exercise, relaxation, and entertainment. They increase the value of your home, and can be easily accented by furniture and lights.

Pool Houses

Pool houses are multi-purpose in nature and can serve as entertainment centers, relaxation areas, and changing spaces. They offer facilities for you and your guests to use, and can even double as a guest house.

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As you can see, hardscaping bridges differing elements of your yard into a harmonious landscape design. Hardscaping frames the plant life and other vegetation surrounding your home, while increasing curb appeal, utility, and personal enjoyment. If you are interested in implementing some of these elements into your landscape, you have one-stop hardscape contractors near you in Main Line Philadelphia communities. Burkholder specializes in professional landscape design, installation, and maintenance. Contact us today!