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Optimum soil conditions are the foundation for a healthy lawn and soil correction may be necessary in some cases. Soil testing is essential to making sure the chemistry is properly balanced to encourage growth. A comprehensive test is done using soil cores from throughout the property to provide a snapshot of the soil’s overall health and what needs to be addressed.

Many soil situations can be unique based on the history of the property, climate conditions, and the treatments that have been done previously. Over time different nutrients will build up or become depleted if they are not monitored and addressed. Soil corrections or amendments such as lime, gypsum, potash, and others can address a variety of issues that stunt grass growth.

Knowing the soil’s nutrient levels also allows us to plan our fertilizer applications accordingly and get the most out of them. Healthy soil allows the lawn to stand up to different conditions throughout the year, helps prevent turf diseases and insect issues, and makes fertilizer treatments much more efficient.

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