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If a lawn has a lot of issues or if construction was done recently, a full lawn renovation or sodding could be the best option depending on the situation. We can help with choosing the best option and provide all the information needed to make the best decision.

Topdressing the lawn spreads a thin layer of compost soil over the grass to help revitalize the soil with organic matter and provide an excellent seedbed. Doing this along with aeration and slitseeding can get a lawn in poor condition back in shape quickly and efficiently by improving the soil and encouraging quick seed germination. Each lawn renovation is done in the best way to address the current issues facing the lawn.

Sodding is the quickest way to a full and healthy lawn, and coupling it with an inground sprinkler system instantly transforms the property. It is possible to go from no grass to a lush green lawn within a matter of days. Our turf care programs use only high-quality sod varieties and install them properly to ensure long-term growth. Starting from sod also makes maintaining the lawn easier because you are starting with a healthy stand of grass that was grown and raised in optimal conditions. Sod can also be very beneficial on slopes or other areas that are prone to erosion by acting as a natural barrier to keep soil in place.

Home with green manicured front lawn | Lawn Renovations and Sod are often included in turf care programs | Burkholder Landscape

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