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Landscaping Design in Paoli enhances the lifestyle of residents who seek the suburban environment and seek a refuge from their work and commute into the city of Philadelphia. Paoli, PA is in the Main Line area of Pennsylvania. Paoli was created around a pre-Revolutionary hotel and land purchased specifically from William Penn. The site is the home of a noteworthy battle in the American Revolution. Paoli encountered its first critical development after the Pennsylvania Railroad reached this far western suburb in the mid-1900s. Traditionalists consider Paoli “the finish of the line” on the Main Line, the western-most address that still qualifies as the Main Line region. However, the rail line now reaches out to Malvern, Exton, Whitford, Downingtown, and Thorndale, therefore Paoli is no longer the end of the line.

Like other Main Line towns, Paoli enjoys the advantages of SEPTA’s local rail– the ride is only 40 minutes into Center City, Philadelphia. Lancaster Pike, or Route 30, goes through the town; shopping areas, eateries and other daily conveniences branch out of this central vein.

South of Route 30, visitors discover tree-lined private spaces and a decent piece of Paoli’s upper-end land. Residents may enjoy any of the various streams and little trails. Paoli is an extraordinary location for the individuals who wish to be near the city of Philadelphia yet still benefit from the lifestyle of a suburb.

Part of enjoying the suburbs includes the lush green yards, gardens, and outdoor spaces. If you live in Paoli, we can help make your yard into a pleasure and add value to your home and life. Burkholder Brothers Landscaping offers a variety of landscaping services, many of which are listed below.

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If you are considering a change that will allow your backyard to become an oasis for your family to enjoy, call Burkholder. We offer experienced landscaping design in Paoli, as well as many nearby communities. For a consultation, contact us today!