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Proper landscape maintenance is more than just convenient. When done right, a maintenance plan will preserve the natural look and protect the health of your landscape investment.

Let our team take care of all the details. From maintaining weed-free beds, deadheading spent flowers and more, your lawn and gardens will have the impeccably maintained look you desire. Working with a dedicated account manager you will enjoy the benefits of proactive communication every step of the way. We will create a custom program based on your property and your goals.

Professional Landscape Maintenance Services Include

Spring Clean Up

Give your property a fresh, clean look after the winter. Our spring bed maintenance includes bed edging, pre-emergent weed control and proper mulch installation.

  • Clean-up of lawn, beds, and grounds
  • Remove dead or damaged branches from shrubs and ornamentals
  • Cut back any perennials or grasses left standing over winter
  • Edge all shrub beds and walkways
  • Pre-emergent weed control for shrub beds
  • Triple shredded hardwood bark mulch applied to shrub beds and tree rings
flagstone walkway to patio of home 800

Recurring Service Visits

Regular visits to maintain the clean look left after your spring clean-up.

  • Maintain weed-free beds
  • Deadheading of perennials and flowering plants
  • Light pruning
  • Blow off all hard surfaces
  • Remove all debris in beds and lawn areas

Maintenance Pruning

Proper pruning will ensure that your plants grow full and flourish while looking natural. Our pruning services include:

  • Pruning plants at the appropriate time
  • Pruning of new growth once annually to promote growth natural in character
  • Pruning or shearing of hedges
  • Regenerative sheering and cutbacks of perennials and roses
  • Pruning of ornamentals up to 12 feet

Fall Cleanup

The close of the growing season can be a hassle, but not when you allow us to take care of it for you. Finally, you can enjoy your changing landscape and season!

  • Cut back of perennials and ornamental grasses
  • Removal of leaf build-up in beds, lawn, driveway, and patios.
Custom Walkways path through lush plants and trees

Corrective Pruning

The objective is to open plants so light and air penetrate and dieback is reduced. This is done to foster healthy plant development. On average rejuvenation / structural pruning is recommended every 3 years.

  • Thinning shrubs by removing excess old wood and dead branches to the ground to encourage younger, more vigorous growth.
  • Removal of old clusters due to improper maintenance practices of woody shrubs.
  • Thinning and removal of crowding and crossing branches within a tree to open up the crown and allow better light and air passage.
  • Reduction pruning to control overall plant size.

Seasonal Color

Your account manager will identify with you the areas where you want seasonal color rotations.

  • Annual plantings shall be of the highest quality and vigorous in nature.
  • Organic matter and other specific components shall be incorporated into the media before planting.
  • In-house design staff is available if color design services are needed.
sprinkler irrigation system

Irrigation System Maintenance

Our irrigation department has dedicated service technicians to maintain and repair sprinkler systems installed by any company.

  • Spring start-up and review of your entire system.
  • Winterization service will guarantee that no components of the sprinkler systems will be damaged in the winter months.

Lighting Maintenance

Any product that is exposed to the elements requires periodic maintenance to assure maximum durability and performance. Landscape lighting is no exception. Our program will guarantee your lighting system and fixtures are functioning as designed.

  • Maintenance visits include cleaning lenses and bulb contacts inside fixtures. 
  • Replace any dead bulbs, adjustments or relocate fixtures as necessary due to plant growth.

Plant Health Care

Plant heath care is a complex science. At Burkholder we are proud of the level of expertise our plant health care team possesses. Lead by a degreed and licensed manager, our technicians are state certified, trained and have state of the art equipment to site mix and spot treat for any level of concern. Scheduled routine visits enable our team to get familiar with your property and plants. This allow us to be a step ahead of threats so we can treat using minimal chemicals and treat before extensive damage to your landscape is done. Everything is taken into consideration; soil conditions, cultural problems, and nutrient deficiencies. Take protecting your landscape investment to the next level. Click here to learn more about Burkholder Plant Health Care.

Turf Care

A healthy, green lawn is every homeowner’s dream. At Burkholder, we are proud of the level of expertise our turf care team possesses. Lead by a degreed and licensed manager our turf programs and services are designed to treat more than just your grass. Our turf care technicians are state-certified and trained to proactively identify any issues that may affect your lawn. Click here to learn more about Burkholder Turf Care.

Burkholder Handles All of Your Landscape and Lawn Maintenance Needs

Other maintenance companies may take care of cutting grass and trimming shrubs, or a variety of other tasks. Burkholder is a full service landscape design, installation and maintenance company. When you hire a professional landscape service, you expect them to take the burden of time and effort from your shoulders and provide you with a beautifully maintained landscape. Contact us today to learn about our convenient maintenance contracts and other services.

  • Landscaping: Ornamental Grasses, Perennials and Specimen Shrubs around Natural Stone Spa

  • Landscaping: Clean and Manicured Look along the Front Foundation

  • Landscaping: Spring Bulbs add a punch of color along the evergreen Front Foundation Plantings

  • Landscaping: Roses and other flowering shrubs add summer color along the Front Foundation giving it that English Garden look

  • Landscaping (Pool) Ornamental Grasses, Summer flowering Perennials and evergreen Shrubs surround the water feature of this inground pool

  • Landscaping: Shade loving Hydrangea, Ornamental Grasses and evergreen Boxwoods around flagstone patio

  • Landscaping: Natural Stone Pathway though Planting bed

  • Landscaping (Pool) Ornamental Grasses, Summer flowering Perennials and evergreen Shrubs surround the spa of this inground pool

  • Landscaping: Evergreen screening creates privacy between the properties

  • Landscaping: New foundation planting

  • Landscaping: Mailbox Planting

  • Landscaping: Courtyard Planting

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