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As many people often wish to invite family and friends to their homes, custom-built outdoor kitchens are often desirable, because they provide an open space for entertainment and dining, as well as offering an alfresco dining experience that cannot be replicated indoors. While indoor kitchens are certainly functional, outdoor kitchens thrive on the energy of the environment, and they encourage gathering and community in a clear and fun setting.

Why would you want a Custom Built Outdoor Kitchen?

A majority of homeowners have some sort of way to cook outside, such as a gas or charcoal grill. These are great options for summer grilling, but consider these reasons to invest in a full custom-built outdoor kitchen design.

Permanent Improvement to Your Home

The choice to build an outdoor kitchen allows you to add durable, useful and permanent living space to your home. Additions like this add value to your home and can make it stand out to potential buyers.

Lower Summer Energy Costs

Cooking indoors increases the heat inside a home, which is great in the winter time. However in summer, when the temperatures are already peaking, your air conditioner may end up working overtime. This strain increases the appliance wear and tear as well as your cooling costs.

Entertainment Value

Summer barbeques and get togethers allow for the creation of great summer memories. If you are the cook at these gatherings, you want to be in on the memories yourself. Having a custom built outdoor kitchen in your outdoor space lets you interact while preparing food, maybe even enticing others to join in on the cooking with you. Either way, having all the conveniences of your indoor kitchen outside makes entertaining more fun.


When you are entertaining, outdoor living space can allow everyone to enjoy each other’s company in a different, wider, setting. If you want to have an outdoor gathering, having a custom built outdoor kitchen with all the amenities and appliances you need for guests is convenient and appealing. Guests can get fresh cold drinks from the refrigerator and have snacks without ever having to step into your home. This saves you wear from foot traffic–and from having to do extra cleanup before guests arrive!

Custom Built Kitchen Features

Outdoor kitchens come in all shapes and sizes and include features that can range from a sink to a wet bar or pizza oven. Custom-built outdoor kitchens pose the opportunity to extend your favorite indoor styles outdoors while adding value to your property. Featured below are some appliances and other options that are commonly included in custom-built outdoor kitchens:


One of the first things to reflect upon when considering an outdoor kitchen is which type of cooking appliances you want to incorporate. Naturally, grills are a popular option, as they are convenient: easy to gather around, easy-to-clean, and easy to cook many different types of food upon. In addition, food prepared on the grill is typically fresher, as meats, fish, and vegetables are among the most commonly grilled items. Custom outdoor grills can be as big or small as you like, can stand alone or have custom preparation areas, and have various cooking surfaces.

Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Gathering around the fire is a favorite pastime for many families. Often, fire pits are regarded as focal points of the yard, as they offer natural spaces for relaxation and entertainment. With a fire pit or fireplace, you can make s’mores, chat with longtime friends, and experience an ambiance that is present year-round. Fire pits are especially desirable for those with pools, as many people will elect to sit around the fire to warm up after a dip in the cool water. Additionally, installing a fire pit offers flexibility: you can choose if you want your fire pit to be large or small, wood-burning or gas, bench seating or individual, and more.

Pizza Ovens

Pizza ovens are classic appliances that all can enjoy. As a natural entertaining space, wood-fired brick ovens can make foods other than pizza, such as meats and vegetables, as they reach extreme heats quickly. Also, pizza ovens often fit seamlessly into a pre-existing brick base, and so add an elegance to your space.

Dining Areas

Functionality aside, outdoor furniture brings style to your space. Whether you choose a simple look— a wicker or aluminum dining table with matching chairs, for example— or perhaps a more elaborate option— such as a teak table and chairs, seating brings the comfort of the indoors outdoors. If you entertain large groups, you can incorporate several dining options, including bar seating, which is also great for small, casual meals. To further improve the appearance of your dining areas, you can accentuate your furniture with an outdoor rug.

Outdoor Sound System

Another popular choice for those who frequently entertain large groups is an outdoor sound system. Aboveground or in-ground options are possible, and both choices have weatherproof options. A sound system can be used to play music for a party or to amplify the sound from a television.

Burkholder Specializes in Custom Built Outdoor Kitchens

Take your outdoor living space to the next level today by considering a custom built outdoor kitchen. When you choose Burkholder, your kitchen can be as simple or as detailed as you wish— and we will tailor your outdoor kitchen to your style and budgetary needs. Contact us today for a consultation!

  • Techo-Bloc Outdoor Kitchen with Sink, Gas Grill, Trash, and Fridge with Cedar Pergola and Cabinet

  • Techo-Bloc Outdoor Kitchen with Lower Bar Seating Area, Fridge and Gas Grill

  • Natural Stone Grilling Station with Side Burner and Fridge

  • Natural Stone Outdoor Kitchen with Flagstone Counter

  • Techo-Bloc Outdoor Kitchen with Raised Bar Seating, Grill, Fridge, Trash and Beer Tap