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Landscape Design: A Professionally Designed and Installed Landscape will Increase Property Value and Personal Enjoyment

Do you find yourself wishing your yard looked more like the polished, lush lawn down the street? Are you curious about ways to increase your home’s value, without committing to a large interior design project? Landscaping, a form of advancing your property’s grounds, may be your answer, serving both aesthetic and practical purposes. Landscaping cultivates a vibrant yard through the enhancement of terrain, expansion of plant life, addition of structures, and other measures. Elements such as these are harmoniously brought together in landscape design, to both increase the curb appeal and personal enjoyment of your home.

Landscape Design Options

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Many categories of landscape design exist that will enhance your home’s value. Here are some of the options that we suggest:

Softscape Features:

Trees and Shrubs

Trees add visual interest to your house, and can serve as refuges for wildlife. Additionally, they reduce cooling costs, and when strategically planted, can block winter winds and decrease heating costs. Shrubs serve as accents to your home; they are long term, aesthetically pleasing investments.

Plant Life

Plant life adds color and diversity to your lawn, and keeps your yard looking lively year-round. Flowers and other attractive plants create a cultivated look that increases curb appeal.


Ornamental grasses and a healthy, green lawn keep your home looking fresh. A polished lawn is the foundation of the entire landscape, and creates a desirable, manicured look.

Hardscape Structures:


Having an inviting entryway into your home or outdoor living space is a key piece of your home’s curb appeal and your own satisfaction with your home exterior. Walkways come in many forms and many materials such as natural stone, brick and Techo-Block pavers, to suit a variety of styles.


Patios are very popular choices among homeowners who want to expand their living spaces outdoors and build new space for relaxation. Made of various materials and available in any shape or size, patios can be accented by lights and furniture to unify the different features of landscape design and to make a space more functional


Pergolas are practical and beautiful at the same time. They can shelter a seating area, accent a garden, and/or tie together the outdoor living space by connecting landscaping elements.

 Burkholder Raised Composite Deck Landscape DesignDecks


Decks unify an outdoor living space and act as extensions of your indoor space. Their versatile nature allows them to serve as both private social centers and spaces for relaxation. They enhance the landscaping of a property through their multi-functional properties.

Other Outdoor Features:


Fountains bring both aesthetic value and enjoyment to a home. These water features add elegance and charm to the exterior of the property. They increase curb appeal and can be surrounded by other landscaping elements, such as plants, to create a cohesive look.



A backyard kitchen creates an open socialization space that possesses great entertainment potential. The comfort and functionality of outdoor kitchens allow family and friends to relax and enjoy meals in your beautiful outdoor living space.


Some landscaping projects which are less visible, such as an underground sprinkler system, can add great value to your property. A professional irrigation system increases plant growth and decreases the likelihood of dead plants and grass. You also experience more free time and savings, because today’s smart irrigation systems are programmable and adjust for natural rainfall.

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Landscape design features are easily customizable to complement your unique home and lifestyle. All of the aforementioned items constitute categories of landscape design, and you can choose any (or all) of them to enhance your property. Burkholder brings all elements of landscape together with professional landscape design and installation. Contact us today!