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Located just 19 miles west of Philadelphia, Wayne is one of the most populated and bustling places found along the main transportation arteries of Route 30 and the SEPTA rail line connecting Center City with the many satellite towns, suburbs, and unincorporated communities throughout Pennsylvania. In fact, Wayne, PA was one of the first suburbs of Philadelphia, long considered one of the best places to settle down and raise a family. Today, with many homes that have well-thought out landscape design, Wayne continues to be a big draw for homeowners wanting to enjoy more community-style living without the noise, pollution, and other hassles of downtown city living.

The town we know today began in the 1880s when a wealthy newspaper publisher and the founder of Drexel University teamed up to create one of the country’s first planned suburbs. They named the community Wayne Estates after famed Revolutionary War general Anthony Wayne. Within a few short decades, the town blossomed into a true residential and vacation destination with sought-after hotels, restaurants, and theaters sprouting up in the community’s central business district. Key Philadelphia leaders and business owners chose Wayne as their home and a number of extensive estates with unique landscaping design continue to dominate the residential districts just outside the village’s core business streets.

The 35-acre Chanticleer estate is an excellent example of such an estate and of the gorgeous landscaping design possible in Wayne, PA. Once known as the private Rosengarten estate, the grounds are now open to the public where anyone can enjoy what Garden Design has called “America’s most inspiring garden.” Wayne residents and tourists come to wander along the garden’s grassy labyrinth, Minder Ruin Garden, and stream-side vegetable gardens.

At Burkholder, we love beauty in landscaping, and we endeavor to create for each of our clients their own private oases. Below are some of the many services we offer to Wayne residents.

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Our team of professional local landscapers understands the beauty and value of a well-designed and well-kept estate, and we work hard to bring the best in landscaping design to each of our Wayne neighbors. Contact our team today to learn more about our landscaping design services in Wayne, PA.