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Landscaping Design in St. Davids

The community of St. Davids began with the passing of the 1830s package of legislation entitled the Main Line of Public Works. This collection of proposed canal, road, and railroad projects were designed to increase residential options throughout Western Pennsylvania. The new transportation routes spurred growth and development along rail lines and created communities like St. Davids. Today landscaping design in St. Davids is a priority of the area’s residents.

St. Davids grew up centered around the historic St. David’s Church, America’s first Episcopal Church. Its earliest homes were built as large ‘country’ residences on rolling tracts of Pennsylvania land. While some of those large estates remain, many were later subdivided into charming neighborhoods rich with life and smart landscaping design in St. Davids.

The community has retained its quaint and quiet countryside character. The town’s small business district borders Route 30 and the SEPTA rail line. To the south of the community runs the Radnor Multipurpose Trail that connects St. Davids with its neighboring towns. This meandering bike and path trail was redeveloped from an old part of the Philadelphia & Western Railroad system.

The residential streets that slope between this southern trail and the businesses to the north have retained their leafy and country feel. Smart landscaping design in St. Davids focuses on the historic nature of this community and highlighting the best of the area’s homes.

At Burkholder, our team of experienced and professional landscapers loves the beauty and historical charm of communities like St. Davids. We provide skilled landscaping design in St. Davids to highlight those values and bring beauty to property owners. Landscaping Design Services in St. Davids, PA include:

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