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Landscaping Design in Springfield, PA

Where in most areas of the United States growth in the suburbs has outpaced that in the city, Philadelphia stands apart. In Philadelphia, both the city and its surrounding townships and unincorporated communities are booming as people from all over flock to this gorgeous slice of the Northeast. Springfield Township, located just ten miles west of Philadelphia’s Center City, is one of those booming communities. Landscape design and build process in Springfield Township is as beautiful as the homes there.

The Springfield Township covers just 6.34 square miles but is home to over 24,000 residents, the vast majority of which live in gorgeous single-family homes with modern landscaping design. The community is largely defined by different residential developments. One of these is the expansive Stoney Creek development, which was completed in 1954 and stretches from West Avenue to Providence Road, and as far up as Baltimore Pike. The Stoney Creek community consists of more than 75 homes that nicely resemble each other architecturally, but each boasts its own unique features, such as differing porch set-ups and landscaping design, that sets each home apart.

As with many Pennsylvania communities, the residents of Springfield Township have prioritized their educational and recreational systems. This community boasts an extensive park system of over 211 acres, in 24 locations that feature a nice mix of natural and manicured landscaping design. This park system also includes playing fields and recreational amenities like a municipal golf course and ice skating rink.

The township includes some of the best public and private schools. A new public high school is currently under construction and anticipated to be open for the fall 2021/spring 2022 school year.

This emphasis on education and green spaces undoubtedly is partially due to its early history as a Quaker settlement back in the late 17th century. In 1701, construction began on the first Quaker meeting house that really cemented Springfield Township as a community of its own. That first meeting house tragically burned down in 1737, but was reconstructed in 1851 on the same spot. The reconstruction still stands today as one of Springfield’s most cherished historic buildings. This structure, as well as other beautiful historic homes and buildings, is complemented by traditional landscaping design.

At Burkholder, we are committed to providing beautiful home landscapes. We are committed to creating for our clients the landscapes of their dreams. Below are some of the many services we offer to Springfield residents.

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