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Landscaping Design in Phoenixville

In March 2010, Philadelphia Magazine recorded Phoenixville as one of “10 Awesome Neighborhoods to Call Home.” Many residents rely on landscaping design in Phoenixville to enhance enjoyment of their homes. Burkholder Brothers Landscaping offers everything from design inception to installation and maintenance of the enhanced surroundings, allowing homeowners the time to enjoy their outdoor living spaces.

Phoenixville, initially named Manavon, was first settled in the 1730’s by the French. Another century passed before the locale became a town. The city turned out to be progressively prosperous and vital in the twentieth century because of the iron business. Phoenixville was the site of the country’s first nail processing plant.

The historical backdrop of the town to a great extent reflected the historical context of the Phoenix Iron Company that turned out to be immensely fruitful in the mid-nineteenth century with the appearance of the railroad.

In the twentieth century, Phoenixville was the site of many plants, for example, the Phoenix Iron Works, kettle works, a silk plant, clothing and hosiery manufacturing plants, a match processing plant, and the renowned (and now exceptionally collectible) Etruscan majolica earthenware factory. While these factories have all since shut down, the town has held its heart of steel. Phoenixville has unquestionably ascended from the fiery remains of its humble beginning to wind up the Borough it is today.

The Borough offers a few one-of-a-kind spaces along the French Creek and Schuylkill River including various parks, the Black Rock Sanctuary, Fish Ladder, and the Schuylkill River Trail for strolling, climbing and biking alternatives.

A trip through the beautiful landscaping designs of Phoenixville and the artwork they inspire is a favorite pastime for residents in the region. Many have found that they can depend on the professionals at Burkholder Brothers Landscaping to create and maintain exceptional landscapes that include pools, outdoor residential lighting, patio furniture, and more. Take a look at all that Burkholder offers.

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Burkholder Brother’s experience and extensive programs allow us to be a one-stop provider for all of your lawn and landscape needs. From evaluating your options to creating custom plans that provide the quality you expect, we help ensure that your investment will prosper and look its best all year long. Contact us today for a consultation on landscaping design in Phoenixville. PA or one of the surrounding areas!