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Burkholder Brothers Discusses Spring Activities for Your Landscape

As temperatures warm, these spring activities for your landscape will help get your yard in shape for the summer season. With many of us planning to spend more time at home this summer, Burkholder Brothers offers these items to add to your spring landscape planning.

Professional Aeration and Seeding

After long, cold winters, you want your lawn to look as lush and green as possible now that spring is finally here. A great way to keep your lawn looking healthy and beautiful is aeration. Aeration allows for better airflow around the roots of the plants. Lawn aeration also allows water and fertilizer to reach the roots of the grass more effectively and breaks up compacted soil.

Seeding is another item to add to your list of spring activities for your landscape. Seeding helps fight off insects and diseases by growing stronger roots and fills in areas of grass that may have been damaged by insects, disease, stress, and winter weather. Other benefits of seeding include a thicker lawn density to give a softer feel and improve the overall appearance of the lawn.

Service and Start Up Your Irrigation System

Lawn with irrigation system running | Spring Activities for Your Landscape | Burkholder Brothers

Irrigation systems allow regular and even watering of grass to keeping your lawn looking beautiful. A landscape and irrigation professional can help you get your existing irrigation system ready for spring. An irrigation system tech can check and clean sprinkler heads, note and replace broken sprinkler heads that could cost you a lot of money when the watering starts, and check for leaks or broken valves. He can also recalibrate valves when needed and adjust sprinkler heads. Annual maintenance will help ensure that your automated irrigation system will be in good shape for the rest of the year.

One of the best irrigation system companies for your Main Line landscape is Sir Sprinkler. The advanced technology and experienced technical support makes keeping your lawn beautiful effortless.

Have a Lush Green Lawn with Sir Sprinkler

Spring Planting

For those looking to expand or change their gardens, spring is the perfect time for new plants. Plants add diversity and color to your lawn, enhancing curb appeal and making the landscape beautiful for the new season. Flowers are the most colorful and vibrant options to plant, but trees and shrubs are also great options. Trees, in particular, are beneficial, since they can reduce cooling costs and add property value.

Finalize Plans for Outdoor Space Upgrades or Additions

Lawn pergola and outdoor furniture | Spring Activities for Your Landscape | Burkholder Brothers

The warm weather and clear skies in spring mean that homeowners can spend more time outdoors, enjoying their landscapes. And one of the important items that should be on your spring landscape agenda is to finalize plans for outdoor upgrades or additions.

Whether you are planning on building an outdoor kitchen or expanding your patio, designing and building these structures takes time. So make sure that you finalize plans for an outdoor project with professionals early so that you and your family can enjoy the outdoor space all summer.

Improve Your Lawn with Spring Activities for Your Landscape

Burkholder Brothers has been providing high-quality landscaping, designing, and building services in the Main Line community for decades. Our team of landscape professionals and specialists have the experience, knowledge, and passion to create the finest landscapes. We offer comprehensive, personalized services, all while working with you to make your outdoor space into your dreamscape. For more information on suggested spring activities for your landscape, or about our services, contact us today.