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Burkholder Brothers Highlights 2021 Landscape Lighting Trends

September 28, 2021

People love to spend more time outdoors in the summer and fall, having a refreshing swim in a pool or hosting an outdoor barbeque. With outdoor lighting, homeowners can create a pleasing atmosphere to enjoy their outdoor space day or night. Thanks to new and advancing technologies, your outdoor lighting can be more customizable, atmospheric, and safer than ever. Here are a few of the 2021 landscape lighting trends that can enhance your landscaping.

Top 2021 Landscape Lighting Trends

These 2021 landscape lighting trends highlight new landscaping technology developments and homeowners’ changing interests. For example, smart lighting gives homeowners more control over their lighting, while LED bulbs save money.

Smart Lighting

Outdoor lighting has gotten “smarter” over the years. Smart lighting gives you greater control of how your property is lit through control systems in your home or on your mobile phone. With a few smart bulbs and switches (or an app for greater convenience), you can create a unique atmosphere and mood in your backyard by doing the following:

    • Dim or brighten specific lights as needed
    • Sync the lights to music for a pleasant party atmosphere
    • Use motion sensors to create unique lighting effects
Lighting Pavilion can be part of outdoor residential lighting | Landscape Lighting TrendsBurkholder

You can also program smart lighting systems to activate at certain times. For example, you can turn them on while away from home for added security. This feature is handy when the house has lighting zones that you can control individually.

Accent Lighting | Landscape Lighting Trends | Burkholder Landscape

LED Lights

LED lights have become another of the more popular landscape lighting trends. LED bulbs are energy-efficient and long-lasting, saving you money and maintenance in the long run. You also have a variety of bulbs to choose from.

    • Color-changing bulbs: Color-changing bulbs help create atmosphere for any event, such as a romantic dinner, backyard sports party, or a family get-together.
    • Retro bulbs: If you prefer the glow of halogen lights but still want the efficiency of LEDs, some LED lightbulbs can provide a vintage glow like incandescent bulbs.

    LED lights can be used in a wide range of lighting designs, such as festoon or string lighting (especially popular with structures like pavilions or decks), accent lighting to draw attention to particular landscape features, and other outdoor light fixtures.

Pathway and Stair Lighting

A common outdoor lighting use is pathway lighting. Pathway lighting helps illuminate paths to make them safer by highlighting tripping dangers such as icy patches or uneven ground.

New exterior lighting designs around entryways or stairs have been growing in popularity in 2021. One specific trend is hiding lights in plants or underneath entryway stairs and pathways, or even built into the ground. Installing lights under the stairs or in stair walls provides enough light for safety while giving your house a contemporary look. Also, hiding the lighting sources keeps the landscaping feeling natural while maintaining safety and aesthetics

Front-Walkway Landscape Lighting Trends |Burkholder

Other kinds of outdoor lighting that have become popular trends over the past few years include the following:

    • Outdoor lanterns for walls or entryways
    • Various wall lights
    • Pendant lights or string lights
    • Floor lamps for decks, patios, and gardens

All of these options are great ways to add character to a home while also getting all of the other benefits from outdoor lighting.

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