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How Can Simple Outdoor Patio Furniture Change your Main Line Lifestyle? A Tale of Two Choices

Do you have a special event coming up with visions of a venue that brings all your friends and family together to celebrate and share?  Most of us have only a few opportunities where we have one of those special events and we want the memories to be positive.  We want our guests to have a wonderful time and to remember the event fondly. We want to create an environment that feels special, personal and reflects our celebration.

To accomplish this goal, we have to choose a venue.  The first decision might be “inside or outside?” If your event can be held outside, all of nature can be included in your celebration.  The most personal and potentially rewarding outdoor venues are in our own backyard.

Invest Money or Spend Money?

Your backyard has the potential but requires building up the space with landscaping, an outdoor kitchen, pool and great outdoor patio furniture, or you can rent space someplace else. One choice is an investment in a private oasis in your own backyard for years of memory-making. The other choice is a one-time payment for a one-time gathering.

Following are two real scenarios. Are they really all about outdoor patio furniture? No, of course the furniture is only a piece of the outdoor haven that you can create.

Money Spent:

One mother we know was very proud of her son’s accomplishment of graduating summa cum laude from a magnet high school where he had studied pre-engineering. She decided to celebrate his accomplishment along with his two childhood friends who were also graduating. She researched options in rentals so that she could provide entertainment as well as dining for the boys and family members. The woman’s yard was big enough to accommodate the gathering, but she had nothing to entertain the guests and she lacked the outdoor patio dining furniture to seat everyone for a meal.

This mother never thought to consider an investment to landscape her yard, add a kitchen and even a spa that, when combined with new patio furniture, would have made a perfect party location that she could use for everyday pleasure as well as for her daughter’s graduation in a few years. Her decision was to pay a rental and catering fee for a one-time gathering.

Money Invested:

stairs constructionOn the other hand, a client came to us to discuss options for upgrading his landscape for a very special reason. He wanted to create memories for his family by creating an inviting space that would encourage his teenaged children to make their home the “hangout” for their circle of friends.

We discussed his desires, his budget and his timeframe, and developed a plan for his yard that included a firepit for fun evening gatherings and a small pool with spa for exercise and refreshment — most kids will flock to the friend’s house with a pool! In addition we built an outdoor grilling area with ample outdoor dining furniture for the patio, placed in a variety of configurations, to accommodate a substantial group.

Our client was very pleased with his investment, because he got the desired effect of drawing his family close for fond memories, and he knew that they would enjoy the area, now landscaped with potted plants and shrubs, daily for years to come. Good landscaping and features will also be a selling point sometime in the future, should he choose to move.

main line landscaping company Burkholder Brothers Living and Design Center OpeningLandscaping Design Choices

In both of these examples, the homeowners were happy with their purchases. The difference is, the mom with the graduating son held an event.  The man wanting to make memories created a space that kept on giving or an investment rather than just an expenditure. Which choice would you make?

Burkholder Designs your Dream Outdoor Living Space Including Fine Outdoor Patio Furniture in Main Line PA and Surrounding Communities

If you are ready to create a haven in your own backyard, call Burkholder. We are your one stop for all outdoor needs. From maintaining a manicured lawn; to building outdoor structures like pergolas, kitchens, pools and spas; to offering top quality outdoor patio furniture, Burkholder takes care of every detail. To learn more about how we can help you start your Backyard Paradise project, contact us today!