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Commercial Maintenance Additional Enhancements

In addition to regular grounds maintenance, your property may need special care of certain elements, like ponds or other ornamental areas. Burkholder’s teams are trained to keep landscape features in pristine shape.

Commercial Maintenance Enhancements:

Plant Design and Installation

Some of the most impressive landscapes include carefully designed and maintained plant beds. The elements of these arrangements must coexist with and complement each other, so that everything shows to best advantage: at installation, and as the plants, shrubs and trees grow to maturity. We suggest plants and shrubs that will thrive in proposed areas, and install them with proper fertilization.

Corrective Pruning, Sprinkler Installation

The objective is to open plants so light and air penetrates and dieback is reduced. This is done to foster healthy plant development. On average rejuvenation / structural pruning is recommended every 3 years.

  • Thinning shrubs by removing excess old wood and dead branches to the ground to encourage younger, more vigorous growth.
  • Removal of old clusters due to improper maintenance practices of woody shrubs.
  • Thinning and removal of crowding and crossing branches within a tree to open up the crown and allow better light and air passage.
  • Reduction pruning to control overall plant size.

Storm Water Basin Maintenance

Over time, storm water basins need maintenance.  We provide services that include mowing, cleaning out drains, and silt/sediment removal.

Pond Aeration

We offer large commercial retention pond solutions to keep the water moving and oxygenated resulting in clear, fresh water with fewer algae and bacterial problems. All in a one day process that dries in hours

Sprinkler System for Outdoor Lawns and Designated Ornamental Areas

Sprinkler systems can be custom designed to nurture all areas of your landscape for a no-hassle irrigation of the lawn areas, special plant beds alongside walkways or seating areas, and other ornamental areas of your property.

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