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Commercial Maintenance Recurring Services

Maintaining a commercial property is important because a curbside appearance is the first impression for potential clients or community residents. Burkholder’s commercial maintenance team offers a full range of seasonal services to keep your property looking its best year round.

Recurring Commercial Services:

Turf Care

Our turf care program, one of our commercial grounds maintenance services, utilizes only high quality timed release fertilizers which remain longer in the soil for plant use resulting in less runoff and consistently green turf. A mixture of organic fertilizer, spot weed treatments, and high quality low phosphorous fertilizers results in less chemicals being applied to your lawn.

Our programs include a complete soil analysis to determine any soil deficiencies and curative recommendations to balance your soil. A balanced soil will assure that all nutrients will be available for your turf to use, dramatically increasing turf health and hardiness.

Spring Clean-up and Mulch

Give your landscape a fresh, clean look after the winter. Our Commercial Grounds Maintenance and Spring Bed Maintenance is more than just a clean-up. Along with bed edging and proper mulch installation, weed control and plant-specific fertilizer is applied to give different plants the nutrients they need to have another successful, healthy growing season. Our services include:

  • Clean-up of lawn, beds, and grounds
  • Remove dead or damaged branches from shrubs and ornamentals
  • Cut back any perennials or grasses left standing over winter
  • Edge all shrub beds and walkways
  • Pre-emergent weed control for shrub beds
  • Granular fertilization of Perennials, Groundcovers, Shrubs, and Ornamental Trees
  • Triple shredded hard wood bark mulch applied to shrub beds and tree rings

Fall Clean-up

The close of the growing season can be a hassle, but not when you allow us to take care of it for you. Finally you can enjoy your changing landscape and season!

  • Cut back of Perennials ornamental grasses
  • Removal of leaf build-up in beds, lawn, driveway, and patios

Lawn Mowing

Keeping your lawn looking its best certainly includes mowing. Maximize your personal time by allowing us to take care of it for you. By allowing us to plan these visits in conjunction with lawn care applications, the money you spend is not wasted by ineffective scheduling of mowing and lawn care applications. We offer:

  • Sharp mower blades reduce damage to turf and improves health and appearance
  • Weekly directional changes reduces lawn rutting and gives you that ball park look
  • Proper blade height for seasonal requirements
  • Proper grass clipping distribution

Maintenance Weeding and Pruning

Maximize your valued personal time by allowing us to take care of planting bed weed control.

  • Weed control in beds (manual and chemical)
  • Debris removal of walks, patios, decks, and driveways

Proper pruning will ensure that your plants grow full and flourish while looking natural. Maintenance Pruning includes:

  • Pruning plants at the appropriate time
  • Pruning of new growth once annually to promote growth natural in character
  • Pruning or shearing of hedges
  • Regenerative sheering and cutbacks of perennials and roses
  • Pruning of ornamentals up to 12′

Plant Health Care Program (PHC) – Insect & Disease Control

Monitoring plants for damaging populations of insects and disease as well as overall plant vitality and vigor are the principals behind plant health care. All technicians are certified and will only spot-treat infected areas as needed to avoid killing beneficial insects and overuse of product. Also included is the visual inspection of each plant and recommendations on how to improve overall plant health by adjusting or correcting cultural practices. This service would involve:

Six PHC visits with an extra visit (total of seven) for any Plant Health Care emergencies that may arise. The focus will be on all trees and shrubs located on the property for current and potential pest problems.

Irrigation Maintenance

We take care of the details such as system maintenance, weed control, dead-heading, bed touch-up and maintenance, incidental pruning, and debris removal during the growing season through:

  • Spring Start-up and review of your entire system.
  • Winterization service will guarantee that no components of the sprinkler systems will be damaged in the winter months.

Annuals/Seasonal Color (priced separately)

  • Annual plantings shall be of the highest quality and vigorous in nature.
  • Organic matter and other specific components shall be incorporated into the media before planting shall occur
  • A meeting with an in house landscape designer to review recommended colors and layout.

Backflow Certification & Installation

We are certified to test any type of backflow preventer.  Aqua requires all backflow preventers to be tested annually.

Snow & Ice Management of Walks, Driveways, Parking Areas

The safety of your tenants, clients, staff and/or customers is the goal of our winter services. Our team will be monitoring your property and is quick to respond.

  • Snow plowing fleet of trucks and large equipment for efficient removal
  • Snow shoveling / blowing
  • Ice melter and salt applications
  • Ice scouting for re-freeze control.
  • Fully stocked service truck with mechanic during all storms to minimize downtime.

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