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Meet Burkholder Landscape’s Account Managers

At Burkholder, all of our maintenance customers get the benefit of having dedicated account managers. These account managers are experienced, certified and trained to be able to handle any issues that might arise. They also are committed to excellence: to ensuring that customers receive the best care possible for their landscapes.

Burkholder account managers start their days early, meeting with their crews to be sure that everyone knows what needs to be done for the day and that everyone knows where they are going. Once the teams are underway, account managers will make site visits, both to oversee crews and to talk with customers, to answer questions or take care of things that are of concern to them. Learn more about our skilled team of account managers below.

Aaron Hall Burkholder branch manager

Aaron Hall

Branch Manager

Aaron received his degree in Business Management from West Chester University in 2002. After receiving his degree and prior to working at Burkholder, Aaron worked in similar environments which helped to build his Account management skills. At Burkholder, Aaron works closely with Mark and Barry to assure that Accounts are managed smoothly and that a client’s needs are met as soon as possible. Aaron specializes in troubleshooting, property enhancement, and managing day to day tasks to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Aaron also participates in ongoing landscape education to stay on top of the most current information. He has strong organizational skills that help keep things running smoothly.

Outside of work, Aaron has a general appreciation for the outdoors with hobbies and interests that include fly fishing and camping.

Aaron’s personal philosophy on customer service is, “Treat each customer with the same level of standard, perform work in a timely and professional manner, always be proactive and communicate services provided to crew members and clients. Doing so will lead to creating lifelong relationships with clients.

What he likes the most about working for Burkholder is “the freedom to manage myself and crew below me, and the freedom to challenge myself and others each year with new ideas that will help grow the company in the directions we have planned, most importantly Burkholder has always put the employees first when warranted or earned.

Mike Guerin Burkholder branch manager

Mike Guerin

Branch Manager

Mike has been with Burkholder since 2009. He spent his first year in the field, then partway through his second, he began doing some work managing accounts. Now his responsibilities are those of branch manager. Along with Aaron Hall, Mike is managing Burkholder’s Aston location. His job is to work with the account managers and help out with day to day routines to make sure things go the way they are supposed to. Sales and communication are also part of the job, and Mike enjoys those aspects.

Before Burkholder, when Mike got out of high school, he was unsure what he wanted to do. While attending community college at DELCO, Mike took a summer job landscaping and really liked working outside. The company was a small shop, and he stayed for about 5 years. Mike then tried an office job and realized he just really wasn’t meant to be inside all day. He then found his place at Burkholder.

What Mike likes about Burkholder is that “Barry and Mark are good guys. Working with them has provided a healthy, family-oriented atmosphere, where the people all know each other and many have been here even longer than my 10 years.”

Mike’s personal philosophy on customer service is “Be honest with the customer and be proactive. Over-communication is key!”

Outside of work, Mike is busy with his 4-year old son and 12-year old daughter, the latter of whom loves riding and jumping horses. He does occasionally pick up his guitar, which he used to love playing with friends.

scott wilson burkholder account manager 2019

Scott Wilson

Account Manager

Scott has a background working with a property management and Real Estate development company for 22 years, where he oversaw big office parks and flex space, like the Great Valley Corporate Center outside of Malvern.

Working to maintain a property has been natural for Scott, since from an early age, he was always taught to be disciplined, to have a great eye for detail and to keep things crisp and orderly. As a child, his father worked in the restaurant industry, so he always expected things to be neat and clean.

Later, Scott was in the Marine Corps for 4 years, mostly stationed in Okinawa, Japan. He also trained Lieutenants in Quantico VA. That kind of discipline sticks with you: once a Marine, always a Marine.

Today as one of the Burkholder account managers, Scott manages accounts for residential, commercial and HOA property management clients. He feels that as Account Manager, he is also part of the operations: Get there before the guys, get the crews going, and then keep an eye on things during the day. His responsibility is to watch out for the crews as well as the customer. A typical activity is to drive around a client’s property to look for any issues and then take time to meet with the representative and answer any questions.

Scott is very work-oriented but tries to do some fishing and play volleyball with friends. Otherwise, his favorite thing to do is spend time in the yard with his wife and dogs: an Australian Shepherd and a mini Golden Doodle.

Scott’s personal philosophy on customer service is, “Give the customer what you promised them.” Scott says that at Burkholder, they consider themselves a class A institution, and work hard to live up to that reputation.

What he likes about Burkholder is that it’s a family-oriented company. “In our field, a lot of companies have grown and have investors. With Burkholder, there is a personal aspect to it. Everyone is hard-working and gets along very well. It’s a big company, but everyone knows each other and we all have the same goal. I really like the integrity that Barry and Mark show.

Mitch Lewis Burkholder account manager

Mitch Lewis

Account Manager

Mitch got a degree in Turf Grass Science from Penn State and then worked as assistant superintendent of country clubs for about 4 years before joining Burkholder’s team.

Starting out at Burkholder, Mitch received a lot of hands-on training in fertilization and other processes, and over the past 9 years, has moved up to lawn care, and is now managing a department.

In Pennsylvania, specialists have to pass tests to be certified pesticide applicators. Mitch has passed those tests and undergoes continuing education each year through the Pennsylvania Turfgrass Council. With this training, Mitch handles those accounts where pesticide is used, and helps train the crews for safe application. Safety of people and the environment is important to Burkholder.

Mitch is responsible for working in conjunction with other managers when fertilizer and spray are involved. However, he also works in sales and customer service.

Mitch’s customer service philosophy is “Work with people to make sure they are educated about the issues happening and satisfied with what is being done. Create a relationship with the customer so they can trust that you are doing what needs to be done.” Sometimes landscape management is a process with no overnight fix, and the customer will be able to trust the process if he trusts his account manager.”

Part of the reason Mitch was drawn to landscaping and outdoor work, is that he spent a lot of time growing up working on his uncle’s dairy farm in the summer and on weekends. Today, when away from work, Mitch likes to spend time with his wife and dog, gardening, hiking, or watching sports.

One of the things that Mitch likes about being one of the Burkholder account managers, is that he is given responsibility within the company, and also given a good amount of freedom to make decisions about customer care. He notes, “At Burkholder, we maintain landscapes. We try to work from the soil up to establish a good base, and we always try to do a thorough, detailed job.

Kevin Benjamin Burkholder account manager

Kevin Benjamin

Account Manager

Kevin has been with Burkholder for 3 years. Before he came to Burkholder, he spent 15 years with another commercial landscape company. He feels that he is not an office computer person generally. Not a formal sit in the office.

Kevin appreciates the atmosphere at Burkholder. He says, “We are a good solid team. I have been places where you are on an island on your own. Here, everyone meshes. It’s a better atmosphere than before. These days my alarm clock is a Happy Alarm clock.”

What Kevin likes most about working with Burkholder is that, “They give me the freedom to do and manage the way it works best for me. Everyone has their own management type or style. For example, some guys instruct. I am a hands-on manager and so I will do anything that I would ask the guys to do.”

Kevin manages the accounts at the Malvern office and with Burkholder’s quality work and system, he says that most customers stay with them once they start.

Kevin’s personal philosophy on customer service is “Provide meet-or-beat expectations in the services customers are paying for. As long as they are happy it’s a win-win.”

Outside of work, Kevin likes to go fishing, attend his kids’ activities, including ballet, soccer, karate, and tap dance. They also love to watch a lot of Disney TV with their dad.

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