Fall is a Great Time for Aeration and Overseeding

Jealous of your neighbor’s lush and verdant lawn? The secret behind a fantastic looking lawn is aeration and overseeding in tandem with a comprehensive maintenance plan. Aeration and overseeding is a two-step process designed to de-stress lawns, encourage root development, and promote new growth. The following is a more detailed look at these two important processes and why fall is an excellent time to get these yard tasks completed:

Why Fall is Ideal for Aeration & Overseeding

The cool nights and short, mild days of fall provide the ideal conditions for grass seed germination, particularly for those residents wanting to repair thin, bare, or otherwise dying areas. The cooler air temperatures also equate to warmer soil temperatures in which seeds are better able to retain moisture and thrive once their roots take hold.

The Aeration and Overseeding Process

Aeration is a way to de-stress lawns that have become compacted over the long, hot, and active days of summer. Aerating does so by perforating your lawn with many tiny holes that allow air, water, and other nutrients to easily penetrate straight to your lawn’s root systems. In return, the roots of your grass will be better able to extend more deeply and produce a stronger, more vibrant above-ground look. The process of just loosening up your lawn’s compact soil provides fantastic results in encouraging such root development and creating an overall greater grass growing environment.

Other advantages of the aeration process include:

  • Improved fertilizer uptake and use by your soil and plants
  • Improved water uptake and use by your soil and plants
  • Increased activity of soil microorganisms that are essential in soil decomposition processes
  • Enhanced infiltration of rainfall and human irrigation techniques
  • Increased oxygen movement between your soil and the atmosphere
  • Reduced risk of fertilizer and pesticide run-off that occurs from overly compacted grounds

Proper aeration is also key for setting up your lawn for overseeding. Overseeding involves planting new seeds over the top of current lawns, whether they are bare, thinning, or appear normal. When done promptly after aerating your soil, the seeds are able to fall neatly into the holes left behind by the aeration machines and have ample space to germinate and thrive. After overseeding, professional lawn care technicians work to ensure excess seeds fall into the open aeration holes. This process is great for improving the density of your grass and enhancing its overall color.

Burkholder Landscaping Offers Professional Results from Aeration and Overseeding

With over 25 years of landscaping experience, Burkholder Landscaping knows how to make your lawn and landscape thrive. Our aeration and overseeding service in the fall, followed by one of our comprehensive landscape maintenance packages will ensure that you will soon enjoy that beautiful lush yard you have been dreaming of! Contact us today for a consultation!


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