Five 2022 Landscape Design Trends to Improve Your Landscape

January 14, 2022

Now that 2022 is in full swing, many homeowners will be thinking about their landscaping goals and projects for the year. Burkholder offers five 2022 landscape design trends to incorporate into home landscapes. Now is the time to meet with your hardscape and landscape contractor, and these 2022 trends are versatile and practical enough to be suitable for any landscape.

A central theme of many of these trends is homeowners wanting to maximize their available spaces and use those spaces to their full advantage. A beautiful, sustainable garden or an entertainment area are just two of the many ways to combine style and practicality, which will be a big element of 2022 landscape design.

Five 2022 Landscape Design Trends

If you’ve been wondering what you can do to improve your landscape, here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Making the Most of Outdoor Spaces

As people remain in one home over many years, their desire to improve their homes and yards becomes stronger. Expanding the indoors to the outdoors has been a growing trend for some time, and many outdoor features and structures let homeowners do just that. Extending a deck or patio gives homeowners more options for outdoor fun. With the extra usable space decks and patios provide, homeowners can create lounges with fire pits and furniture or add features such as spas. For the space outside of the immediate range of the home or deck, pergolas and pavilions provide shade and protection, giving people the ability to keep entertainment areas safe and usable throughout most of the year.

Double sided fireplace with entertainment system and pergola | Landscape Design Trends | Burkholder

2. More Elaborate Outdoor Spaces

In addition to more outdoor features and structures, homeowners increasingly want these features and structures to be elaborate and unique. One of the big landscape design trends in 2022 is people looking for new uses for their yards, new ways to enjoy the outdoors by themselves or with their friends and families. For example, a pavilion can have overhead electricity so that space heaters can help homeowners enjoy the colder months outdoors more often than in the past. Another increasingly widespread feature of back yards is an outdoor kitchen, complete with dining tables, seating, grills, and even fireplaces or pizza ovens.

3. Low-Maintenance Lawn Care

While many people love spending time outdoors, most of them likely prefer spending their time relaxing or playing outdoors instead of working. As a result, homeowners are always looking for ways to keep their landscape beautiful and make lawn care more manageable and convenient. One of the most obvious ways is a smart sprinkler and irrigation system that can minimize water usage to help save money.

Natural stone for patios, shrubs, trees, and drought-tolerant or other low-maintenance plants can help create a beautiful, unique landscape while needing minimal care. Using natural elements and intelligent design, you can maintain quality and a low-maintenance lawn much more easily in 2022 than in previous years. And of course, many residents choose to have professionals, like Burkholder’s professional maintenance team, take care of lawn mowing, tree and shrub pruning, and bed maintenance.

Pergola away garden a swimming pool integration | landscape design trends | Burkholder

4. Ambient and Invisible Lighting

Great lighting for a patio, deck, path, or pool will always be popular. However, the type and style of lighting people desire in 2022 will be different. Sleek, minimalist lighting will be one of the more prominent 2022 landscape design trends. Techniques such as lighting the essential points and junctures of a path and hiding the lights that brighten up the home are elements of invisible lighting landscaping trends.

Invisible lighting involves blending the lighting into the landscape. For example, long, linear lights beneath landscape structures create the illusion of floating structures. People are becoming more interested in seeing the light rather than the lighting fixtures, and as a result, invisible lighting will gain traction in 2022.

5. Mixed Materials in Hardscape

Hardscape describes the man-made features in landscape architecture, such as walkways, pavilions, and walls. Mixing and matching hardscaping elements and amenities or technology is a creative way to add beauty to your landscape in 2022. For example, creating a natural stone path to a sturdy, wood pergola, with perhaps some metal furniture or a grill, can become a favorite sight to behold.

Walls, decks, patios, and pools can all incorporate these contrasting materials. In addition, hardscapes surrounded by vibrant, native plants and even soothing water features such as a fountain or a small pond create a unique outdoor living space.

All of these 2022 landscape design trends tie into a broader theme: creating a comfortable, easy-to-maintain living space that is unique to your home. So when you are making plans concerning what improvements or additional features to add to your landscape, think of creating a welcoming space that you can only find in your backyard.

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