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How to Make Your Outdoor Living Space Your Summer Happy Place

Your outdoor living space may just be starting to feel the warm sun of spring after a cold winter. With the pandemic, homeowners are getting ready to spend more time in their own backyards this summer, and with a few steps, homeowners can make their yards a true summer paradise. To ensure that your landscape is ready for summer, Burkholder offers a few tips to help make your outdoor living space your summer happy place.

Outdoor Lighting

Pavilion with lighting and furniture | Your Outdoor Space | Burkholder Brothers

While the days are longer during the summer, you want to enjoy your outdoor living space during the evenings, too. Outdoor lighting can highlight certain features or elements of your landscape, creating ambiance and a way to enjoy the natural beauty at any time of the day. Lighting also ensures that your home and landscape elements are visible, improving safety and security (especially in areas such as walkways or pool surrounds).

Outdoor lighting can also be incorporated into other structures, such as a pergola or a patio, and is exceptionally beautiful when used around water sources like pools or ponds. Combined with the various options of lighting (up-lighting, path lighting, floodlighting), you can add unique beauty to your landscape and enjoy the summer nights more often.

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Spring Cleaning

Your outdoor living space benefits from yearly spring cleaning as much as the inside of your home does. After the falling leaves of autumn and the snow and cold temperatures of winter, landscapes benefit from being cleaned up for a fresh, new look for spring and summer. Cleaning up a landscape involves cleaning debris or dead branches from lawns and plant beds, Other lawn upkeep includes weed control and plant-specific fertilizer to give plants the nutrients for another successful, healthy growing season. A professional from Burkholder can help ensure that your outdoor living space is maintained and safe for your summer enjoyment.

Maintaining Outdoor Structures

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When preparing your outdoor living space for the summer, any structures should be cared for and managed after the cold rain and snow of winter. Clearing outdoor structures of any leaves or branches and washing them are simple and easy first steps to turning your landscape into a summer paradise. Some may require repair and a coat of paint or stain, depending on the materials. If the structures have fabric components, such as pergolas with shades, check to make sure they are in good condition and replace if necessary.

Pest Resistant Plants

While the summer brings warmth and clear skies for outdoor fun, the season also brings out bugs and pests. Although dealing with bugs is unavoidable, pest-resistant plants can make your outdoor living space much more livable and enjoyable during the summer. Marigolds, lavender, and lemongrass are all beautiful plants that add vibrant color to your landscape while keeping pests away. Even herb gardens with rosemary, mint, and thyme are resistant to pests, and they smell great.

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Burkholder Brothers has been passionate about providing quality landscaping services in the Main Line community for decades. Our experienced team of landscape professionals and specialists offer a comprehensive, personalized set of services, working with you to make the finest landscape possible. For more information on how we can turn your outdoor living space into your summer happy place, contact us today.