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Individualized Irrigation System Designs Include Plant Bed Irrigation

Do you want to update your home’s landscape design, but fear you will lack sufficient time to care for your lawn? Do you struggle to keep your garden looking healthy, despite your best efforts? If so, you may want to consider a sprinkler irrigation system. With a good sprinkler irrigation system design, you get an efficient and easy way to ensure that your lawn and plants are vibrant and lush, all of the time. These systems will water your plants for you— removing the demanding and time-consuming elements of hand-watering. In order to care for your landscape as a whole, your sprinkler irrigation design may need to include a plant bed irrigation system to ensure that your flowers, shrubs and small trees thrive as well as your lawn.

What is a Plant Bed Irrigation System?

A consistent flow of water is critical to maintain plant health, but watering can certainly be a chore. Between dragging watering cans between plants, inconveniently trying to position your garden near a lawn sprinkler, and untangling the hose, one can easily see why many gardens are less successful than they could be. Plant-bed irrigation systems solve many of these problems, as they deliver water directly to the roots of your plants in gradual, calculated amounts that maximize the watering experience, while utilizing the least amount of water necessary.

Why are Plant Bed Irrigation Systems Useful?

Plant bed irrigation systems continue to grow in popularity. Studies have demonstrated that plant bed irrigation systems can save up to fifty percent of your current water usage, as they produce little to no runoff. Additionally, these systems remove the difficulty from the hand-watering process; planting bed sprinklers are often installed on the border of your plant line or embedded in the middle of your plants, so the system is both efficient and self-sufficient.

How Can I Monitor Water Usage of my Plant Bed Irrigation System?

As average rainfall level varies by season and year, plants will require varying levels of water during different times. A common feature of many plant bed irrigation systems is an intelligent Wi-Fi sprinkler timer, which will automatically adjust your watering schedule based on the latest forecasts. Often, these timers can be set up on Android or IOS apps, so you can monitor your irrigation system at any time, from any place.

Burkholder Irrigation System Design Nurtures Your Entire Landscape

Every landscape is different, with unique needs. Burkholder irrigation system designs are created individually, to meet those varying needs. We know your landscape is important to you. You have invested time and money into creating a lawn you are proud of, and we can help you keep that lawn looking spectacular. Contact us today for a consultation!