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Maintaining Your Paver Patio

Believe it or not your paver patios needs TLC too! Over time the small granules that were originally used in the joints between your pavers can eventually break down, causing those groves to catch water.

Water is not always your older patio’s friend. See, a lot of the patios built back in the 1990’s used sand to stabilize the joints. Like the beach, when rain and water hits it, those little grains of sand eventually wash away causing the pavers to sometimes move and shift.

A great product that most certified landscape professionals use to eliminate the problem sand or grit use to cause is a product called Polymeric sand. Polymeric sand is a mix of finely graded aggregate and a water-activated binding agent that is used between the joints of pavers and flagstone to hold everything tightly in place. It alleviates joint maintenance, adds strength to the overall construction of the patio plus adds a nice finishing touch. Please keep in mind, not all polymeric sands are the same. The quality of the product can vary as well as installer. If the installation of polymeric sand is not done to the proper specifications, the joint stabilizer can fail. This simple task, when installed correctly, can increase the longevity and beauty of your existing patio for years to come.