Residential Outdoor Lighting Adds Value to Homes

Have you worked hard to create a vibrant, functional yard just for everything to go unnoticed once the sun sets? Are you frustrated that the welcoming exterior of your home seems to lose its value and purpose at night? Are you dreading the end of summer when daylight hours end before you even get home? Adding residential outdoor lighting is a practical and relatively easy way to add value to your home and to create an enjoyable space that can be used at all hours. When installed correctly, outdoor lighting increases curb appeal and makes your house safer.

Residential Outdoor Lighting Options

Many potential lighting options exist today that will upgrade your home’s exterior. Some of the options that we suggest are:

Path Lights

Path lights are a common and excellent way to light up a driveway, garden pathway, or to highlight an element of a yard, such as a pond or fountain. They are easily spread out and multi-functioning in nature.

Step Lights

Employed as a means to illuminate a stairway, sidewalk, or deck, step lights add warmth to your space and light the way to safety at night. They accent the architectural features of your space, while establishing a secure, definitive pathway.

Well Lights

Well lights operate as in-ground lighting fixtures that can light up trees, structures, or any exterior architectural feature of your home. They are designed to create a sleek, minimalist look.


Spotlights are useful for lighting up any outdoor living space. They can be used to accentuate your home, trees, or any architectural feature you wish. They highlight a particular object and showcase the best parts of your home.

Flood Lights

Similar to spotlights but with a wider beam, flood lights offer maximum security, as they can illuminate large areas of your lawn or driveway at once, and can be motion-activated. They are ideal for lighting up full yards and are eco-friendly.

Outdoor Lighting BURKHOLDER - Outdoor Kitchen Night Lighting

Outdoor Hanging Lights

Hanging lanterns are usually used to light up doors and add warmth and charm to your porch. They enhance curb appeal and create a welcoming ambiance in front of your home. These lights may also add a sense of festivity, valuable in an outdoor entertainment area.

Pond Lights

Often referred to as water garden lights, pond lights are submersible and are designed to be placed beneath the water of a pond. They make the water sparkle and are a great way to highlight the many colors beneath the surface.

Pool Lights

Similar to pond lights, pool lights can be installed in ground or underwater and are a great way to showcase the vibrancy of your pool. They create a welcoming atmosphere, come in all colors, and help ensure safety during night swimming.

Burkholder Brothers Landscaping Designers Offer Customized Outdoor Lighting Systems

At night, lighting serves as your home’s first impression. These features are just some of the many options that you can use to ensure your home look its very best at all times. Residential outdoor lighting offers safety, extends the entertaining hours of your yard, and adds value to your home. Contact Burkholder to light up your home today!

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