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Residential Outdoor Lighting Designers

Residential outdoor lighting designers can help increase security and value. When someone is exploring the option of adding outdoor lighting to their home, they are often looking for a resource to add safety and security to their property. Outdoor lighting does exactly that! Instincts always have clients focusing on their entryways, garages and dark walkways for lighting. As professional residential outdoor lighting designers, we can explain how that those same lighting choices can also add curb appeal and interest to their homes. Some of the ways we can accomplish these desires are by highlighting specific areas and plant materials with decorative lighting, adding standard path lighting and mounting sconces on the home’s exterior. Everyone knows that warmer weather is the perfect time for outdoor parties and BBQs. With these kinds of events taking place, outdoor lighting is a must! In the fall and winter, despite shorter days and cooler nights, outdoor lighting allows families to enjoy their outdoor spaces all year long.

Utilize Outdoor Lighting to Enhance Your Home’s Exterior

Walkways, decks and around swimming pools are just a few areas of your yard that would benefit from path lighting for safety. Another reason to add outdoor lighting to your property is to highlight your beautiful home, patios and other entertaining areas. By choosing the right kind of lighting for the outside of the home, adding stunning specimen plants around the property, and creating a more pleasing ambiance on your patio or deck, homeowners can completely transform the atmosphere of their outdoor living space. Our trained residential outdoor lighting designers can assist you in making the right choice of lighting fixtures so your nightscape can actually become part of your overall landscaping. A custom lighting package will assist in showcasing special features in your landscape and garden areas, while also offering the right amount of interest to set the overall mood of your property.

Outdoor Lighting Options

Our outdoor lighting systems and technology will beautify your home and landscape at night, while also providing the extra safety and security you seek. You can create drama and interest around your landscape in many ways. Path lights, up-lights, accent lighting, festoon lighting and energy efficient LED lighting fixtures all add character and brilliance to the exterior of your home. LED lights hold a longer life span and consume less energy, making this type of bulb much more cost effective. Go beyond traditional outdoor lighting and let us help you transform your landscape into a night time destination!

Burkholder Residential Outdoor Lighting Designers Can Add Value and Security to your Home

Whether you are looking to add security, enhance particular features of your home and landscape, or increase your ability to enjoy your outdoor living space, Burkholder has the knowledge and expertise to meet your needs. Call today to speak with one of our residential outdoor lighting designers!

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