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Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Burkholder Brothers

Picking out the perfect gift for the holidays can be challenging, both for presents under the tree and those found in stockings. Thankfully, we have a couple of stocking stuffer ideas that will be sure to spread some holiday cheer. Fun, thoughtful figurines or ornaments that speak to a person’s interests and style are always good choices. Small metal and fabric wall décor items are also good options, as are candles. As long as your gifts come from the heart, your recipient will appreciate them.

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Ornaments & Figurines

Holiday figurines and ornaments at Burkholder Holiday Market | Stocking Stuffer Ideas | Burkholder Brothers

If you plan on giving an ornament or two to a friend or family member, you are in good shape, as you will have plenty of options from which to choose. For example, if one of your friends or loved ones is an animal lover, buying a small figurine of their favorite animal is a great option. Likewise, brightly colored ornaments will add a pop of color to your Christmas tree.

Figurines are great stocking stuffers because your gift recipient can use them all year. A small wooden figure of an animal or nature adds to a home’s festive décor while still looking as natural and beautiful in other seasons. Some ornaments, meanwhile, can be placed in decorative containers so that you and any guests who might see them can enjoy the beauty and craftsmanship year-round.

Wall Décor

Even in a small stocking, you can gift a loved one beautiful wall décor. Small metal worked items can give homes an elegant charm, and like the figurines, can be used throughout the entire year. In addition to metal decorations, fabric ones can give décor new textures and designs, helping bring new life to a home. Picture frames or small wall plaques are also great stocking stuffer ideas, ones that will allow your friends or family to frame photos or phrases that are special to them from the season.


For those that want to add scented ambiance to their homes, other great stocking stuffer ideas include candles. Candles add a warm glow to your home or outdoor living space, which is ideal for the chilly nights of winter. If your recipient enjoys filling rooms with a calming or seasonal fragrance, scented candles are another great way to enhance the holiday atmosphere. To up your candle game, you can also include ornate and intricate candle holders.

Pet-themed holiday gifts at Burkholder Holiday Market | Stocking Stuffer Ideas | Burkholder Brothers

Other Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Besides the home decorations mentioned above, here are a few stocking stuffer ideas to consider putting on your shopping list.

  • If you are giving gifts to any tea or coffee lovers, gourmet tea leaves, coffee beans, or mugs can be a thoughtful gift to keep them warm and refreshed.
  • Festive socks or gloves/mittens make an appropriate gift for the brisk winter.
  • Bar tools such as bottle openers or wine stoppers are fun gifts for wine or spirits aficionados.
  • Make a stocking for your pets, and gift them treats and toys.

The key to a great stocking stuffer is a gift that speaks to the recipient’s heart and that you chose their gift with thought and care.

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