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Technological Advancements Make Sprinkler Irrigation Systems More Appealing than Ever

July 12, 2021

As one of the hottest months of the year, July is appropriately designated as Smart Irrigation Month. The Irrigation Association has set forth the time to raise awareness of the benefits: social, economic, and environmental, of efficient irrigation. In our area, August is usually just as hot. Summer’s scorching weather causes us to be concerned about the health of our lawns, and many options exist today in sprinkler irrigation technology that make sprinkler irrigation system installation even smarter.

Sprinkler Irrigation System Advances

Irrigation systems have long offered a more efficient way to maintain the beauty of your landscape. As a property owner, you want your yard to be as beautiful and healthy as possible. With advances in home irrigation systems, maintaining the beauty and health of your lawn is easier than ever. Here are some of the newer sprinkler irrigation system offerings.

Advanced Controllers

Controllers are available to modify your watering schedule based on the amount of moisture in the ground or the weather forecast. Some controllers are even controllable by WiFi, so you have away-from-home access on your smartphone.

Smart Technology Advancements

If you are up to date with the latest technologies, you likely have some smart-home speakers like Alexa or Google. Some new controllers integrate perfectly with this technology to make your life easier. For example, you can issue voice commands through your phone or speaker, then let the controller handle your watering system.

Sprinkler Irrigation System | Burkholder Landscape

Weather-Based Smart Irrigation Controllers

Now, you can even go one step further, and your sprinkler system can monitor the weather and water accordingly. Your sprinkler irrigation system will receive weather information and forecasts from your smart-home base and be programmed to respond accordingly. This will save you valuable time as your lawn essentially waters itself.


Smart sensors can allow you to be even more hands-off with your lawn care. Some of the options include freeze sensors, which can detect when temperatures are freezing. This feature is helpful because using sprinklers during that time can cause hazards or freezing sprinkler heads.

Rain sensors are devices that can prevent you from watering during or right after rainstorms. The sensors work with your irrigation system and override instructions when rain/excess moisture is present when you have a scheduled watering time. As a result, water usage can be reduced by 35%, saving water and money.

sprinkler irrigation system by Burkholder Landscape and Sir Sprinkler

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation has been around for some time. This type of watering allows homeowners to consistently water gardens and landscapes without watering potentially weedy areas or other parts of the yard covered by the other sprinkler heads. In addition, drip irrigation is customizable so that all of your plants can receive the correct water flow rate for their health, and drip irrigation uses a lower amount of water than simply watering a flower bed with a garden hose.

High-Efficiency Nozzles

High-efficiency nozzles allow consistency in water coverage without using as much water. The lower rate of water pressure reduces runoff and potential soil compaction. Sprinkler efficiency is a significant concern right now in terms of conserving your water supply and staying environmentally conscious. Paired with the latest in smart technology, your sprinkler irrigation system will be as efficient as possible.

Rotating Nozzles

Smart technology integration is a primary focus for a lot of different areas in the marketplace. For example, connecting rotating nozzles to your smart-technology-enabled system will allow you even more customization for your yard.

Your system monitors your yard and works out how much water your yard needs. The nozzles can change the distance and aim of the spray. These nozzles are engineered to spray further and more accurately than ever before. With a new sprinkler irrigation system, you can have a more efficient way to water appropriately so that your grass and plants thrive.

Call Burkholder for Professional Sprinkler Irrigation Design and Installation

Pennsylvania landscapes are as varied as the people who own them. As a result, each landscape requires a unique irrigation system setup, from the pipes and sprinklers to the tech needed. A Burkholder specialist consults with each homeowner to determine the needs of their particular landscape, then designs an irrigation system that efficiently handles all of those needs. In addition to professional installation, our sprinkler and irrigation company also provides maintenance of the lawn and the sprinkler irrigation system so that homeowners can save money and enjoy their perfectly watered and manicured yards. Contact us today for a free consultation!