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The Creative Team at Burkholder is the Secret Behind Holiday Pop Up Market Items

If you have visited the Burkholder Holiday Pop Up Market, you may have wondered who has been creating the handmade wreaths, swags, and garlands. Well, the secret is out! The Burkholder team members, though from different backgrounds, all seem to have a creative bent and are responsible for the beautiful handmade décor you can find at this year’s Market.

One of the landscape designers at Burkholder explains, “We are a team of multi-talented people trained to think creatively, designing and building for the outdoors any season of the year. Decking the halls, the doorways, the lamp-posts and the patios for the holidays is an enormous amount of fun for all of us, whether it be our own homes or the homes of clientele and customers of the Holiday Market. An added perk of the job is that on week-ends we get to work with Santa.”

Mary is the Holiday Market’s wreathmaker, both this year and in 2017. She has created dozens of fresh evergreen wreaths this year, and then adorned them with gorgeous ribbons, pine cones, and more.

The scheduling boss for Burkholder’s irrigation division, Sir Sprinkler, is putting together festive evergreen swags and garlands that can be used for doorways or as wall hangings.

Ryan McKnight, another landscape designer at Burkholder, recently put together a large container garden for the Holiday Market. It sits atop one of the entrance piers to the Market. Led light strings built into the decoration help illuminate the entry in the winter evenings.

Burkholder’s Holiday Market is a great source for unique handmade greenery, gifts and, of course, a fresh cut Christmas tree. With regard to the evergreen swag, Mary Bowe admits that she likes to keep some Christmas wreaths hanging in the house through the winter. “Since firs, like Fraser, Douglas, and Balsam will remain green for so long, you can keep the fresh scent in your home and hang the wall swags anywhere you like. Fresh flowers or living plants are wonderful for holidays; it’s a little bit of keeping Christmas close as long as possible.”

Why do we Have Wreaths at Christmas?

Wreath with red plaid bow and pine cones at the Burkholder Holiday Pop Up Market

Wreaths are beautiful décor items and many people like to have wreaths to adorn their homes for different seasons or year-round, depending on the style and color. However, for some, wreaths have a deeper meaning.

Wreaths, with their circular shape, represent the unending circle of life for some people. In Christianity, particularly, they have been regarded as representative of eternal life. Some families celebrate Advent, the season leading up to Christmas, with a table top Advent wreath. The wreath has candles which are lit to mark progress of events in the life of Christ, a new candle every week.

Whether wreaths have a special meaning for you, or you just love the beauty and fragrance they bring to your home during the holidays, you can find just what you are looking for at Burkholder.

To learn more about Burkholder’s Holiday Pop Up Market, visit our holiday page. We are open every day through Christmas Eve, and we are holding special events each weekend.