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The Principles of Estate Landscape Management

February 16, 2021

Large estate management and care differ significantly from traditional residential landscaping. The scale of estate property management presents unique challenges. The properties are larger which increases the scope of work, but also, irrigation on such a large scale landscape, which can include large water features, valuable trees and plants, and an extremely variable layout, requires specialized design and installation. This system could even require extensive drainage systems. Pest management also has to be carefully planned and managed to be effective and also protect vulnerable plant and animal species. The key to having a successful estate landscape management project is to have a specific overall and focused approach for care and maintenance.

Principles of Estate Landscape Management

Due to the scale and complexity of managing large estates, knowing the goals and having a solid foundation of principles is critical. One of those principles is excellent communication. At Burkholder, we partner our clients with a dedicated account manager. This helps create proactive communication across the entire process and makes the relationship and work between both parties stronger and more manageable.

Another principle of estate care and management is regular maintenance and service. While all lawns and landscapes need routine care, recurring estate care is especially crucial. These consistent visits involve maintenance work and examining the health status of the plants, trees and shrubs. Some of the recurring services include the following:

  • Integrated Pest Management to manage all types of pests on the property without harming the ecosystem
  • Plant Health Care programs to ensure that proper fertilization and care is provided
  • Proper Pruning and tree support to ensure trees are healthy and safe for residents and structures
  • Maintenance of hardscape elements, including maintenance of pool and spa features
  • Smart irrigation system design and installation, with automatic timers and specialized zones to give proper care to all parts of the landscape
Front view of Large brick estate with circle drive and ornamental grasses - Estate Landscape Management - Burkholder Landscape

Seasons and weather conditions can have significant impact on recurring services and visits. Estate landscape management in the spring involves tasks associated with cleaning up after cold winters and preparing the landscape for spring blooms. Maintenance of irrigation systems is critical to ensure they are ready for the spring and summer conditions. Specialized turf care is performed for picture-perfect landscapes. Fall services prepare the landscape and plants for winter. Trees must be properly pruned for aesthetics, and to avoid the chance that weakened trees can be broken in winter storms and cause damage.

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