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The Steps of The Burkholder Landscape Design Process

February 28, 2023

Below you will see three distinct properties, all of which are beautiful examples of landscaping design and how they can turn a simple plot of land into a paradise right in your backyard. And what do all three of these gorgeous properties have in common? Besides beautiful warm weather, they were all created using the Burkholder Design Process from start to finish! If you are looking to design a new landscape or update an existing one, you should understand the process. The Burkholder landscape design process is a detailed and comprehensive planning procedure ensuring your final product meet all of your needs are met.

pergola and walkway to a custom pool | Burkholder's Landscape Design Process
White Sectional couch in outdoor pavilion | Burkholder's Landscape Design Process
Aerial view of backyard landscape | Burkholder's Lansdscape Design Process

What Goes into The Burkholder Landscape Design Process?

So much planning goes into creating a beautiful backyard space Our process includes site visits, collecting inventory, and finalizing the design. This multi-step process is critical to the success of the project. Investing time and proper planning in your outdoor space can bring you and your family much enjoyment for years to come.

Step 1: Landscape Design Analysis

The first step we take is a landscape design analysis, an essential part of the overall landscape design process. During this time, a landscape designer will visit your property and take photographs, draw sketches, and measure all the aspects and features of your property. Then, our designers use this analysis to have an accurate base plan to work from.

The first step in analyzing a property is to look at its existing features, such as trees or flower beds, and to measure and map those features out, along with other components or structures on the property. During this phase, our designer may also note if any changes need to be made before starting your new landscaping plans.

For example, if an old tree needs to be removed before new plantings occur, we will make a note during analysis. We also note any other issues such as drainage problems or things that could affect how much work is needed before starting construction projects like building patios or installing walkways through grassy areas. By understanding these factors up front, our team can create designs tailored specifically toward addressing them so nothing gets overlooked later on down the road when construction begins.

Steps of Burkholder's Landscape Design Process

Step 2: Meet the Designer

The next step in the Burkholder landscape design process is to meet with your designer. Before you meet with your designer, think about what kind of landscape you want so it helps to have a clear vision of how you want your outdoor spaces to look and function. Next, you can discuss what plants, materials, features, and colors appeal most. Consider bringing photos from magazines or websites that inspire you to help the designer get started on a plan that will work best for your home and budget. In addition, this meeting will take place at our design center, so you can look at material samples and displays of different patios and gardens to further help inspiration.

The designer will also provide some preliminary sketches based on their analysis and your conversation with them. These sketches will show how different parts of the yard flow together, ensuring everything fits together well when designing multiple elements.

Step 3: Concept Verification

After the design concept has been approved, you will meet with the designer to review your landscape’s finished concept plans and 3D images. You can also use this time to make any changes to the design if needed. In addition, you will discuss project details, material choices, and project budget at this time so that everyone is on the same page moving forward.

Step 4: Final Landscape Design Review

The final landscape design review is your opportunity to review the final design plan with 3D images to determine if any final changes will be implemented on-site. During this meeting, we will discuss the following:

  • Changes made from the initial consultation to ensure you are happy with the final design
  • Budget for implementation of all materials, plants, and labor costs associated with constructing your new landscape design
  • Timeline for when everything will be installed
sample landscape layout - Burkholder's Landscape Design Process

Contact Burkholder Brothers For a Landscape Design Consultation

Burkholder Brother’s landscape architects and designers are experienced and excel at bringing dream landscapes to life. The Burkholder landscape design process allows you to visualize your new landscape before the construction of your project begins. Contact us today to meet with our licensed landscape designers, visit our design center to see softscape and hardscape materials and design examples, and get started on your new outdoor living space!