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Top 10 Reasons to Plan Your Spring Landscaping Design Projects Now

After the holidays many want to curl up and hibernate. But many homeowners looking ahead to summer, and thinking of how they can get the most out of summer months at home. Winter is the perfect time to plan for spring landscaping design projects. Burkholder Brothers Landscape has been designing and installing outdoor spaces for over 20 years and below, we discuss the top advantages to planning early.

Infograph - Reasons to Plan Now for Spring Landscape Design Top Reasons to Plan Ahead for Spring Landscaping Projects

  1. Winter planning provides a more relaxed pace to work through the design process. Designers have more time to gather and work through ideas for a project with their clients than in the busy spring season.
  2. Beginning construction of a project in late winter/early spring creates less disturbance to you and your family. People have finished their holiday celebrations and visiting, and spring sports have yet to begin having your family running from morning to night. The timing allows for less disruption to your schedule.
  3. Permits and township approvals take time. If you get your requests and designs into the committees early, you will get a head start before the spring frenzy begins.
  4. An excellent selection of plant materials is available to order from nurseries. If you wait until spring, you may be unable to have them ordered and delivered in time, and the standard nursery offerings will be fair game for everyone starting early planting.
  5. Spring is an excellent time of year to establish new plantings, and planning ahead will allow you to think about which plants will fit well with your existing landscape and consult with your landscaper.
  6. Winter dormancy is an excellent time of year to evaluate existing landscape and determine maintenance needs. Designers can see the shape of the tree branches and evaluate the overall health of the tree. Landscapers can perform more thorough pruning of mature shrubs and trees in particular at this time.
  7. Most plants are still in winter dormancy during this time and can be relocated with a better chance of success.
  8. Early season scheduling allows for earlier job completion, so you can enjoy the warming weather outdoors in your new space.
  9. By the time spring is in the air, projects are booked 6-8 weeks ahead. By planning early, you will be ahead of the construction rush.
  10. Better pricing! We are offering 50% off of our landscaping design services through February 29, 2019 so take advantage of the savings and get ready to enjoy your new outdoor living space all summer long!

Call Burkholder for Great Winter Pricing on Landscaping Designs Through March 1, 2019

Now is the time to get your plans mapped out. Burkholder’s experienced designers will spend time with you to learn what you hope to accomplish, then help you plan the outdoor living space of your dreams. Take advantage of our special to get the best pricing and timing on your spring landscaping design projects. Contact us to schedule a consultation or visit our specials page to learn more!

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