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Top 5 Landscaping Projects with the Highest Return on Investment (ROI)

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Homeowners who are considering home improvement projects often take into consideration whether they will get the value back when they decide to sell their homes. Kitchens and bathrooms are usually high on the list of popular renovations. However, homeowners may overlook the fact that many outdoor landscaping projects will yield 100% or more of their investment in a home sale. In addition, the outdoor home improvements will enhance their family’s enjoyment with the upgrades to the outdoor living space.

Landscaping Projects that Add Value to Your Home

Burkholder Brothers Landscape does all types of outdoor home improvements and we have collected information about which ones give you the best value for your hard-earned dollars. Some of the enhancements are so simple, they might surprise you.

Top Landscaping Projects with Great ROILawn Care

Obviously basic lawn maintenance and upkeep improve curb appeal, but did you know that simply controlling weed growth and fertilizing can yield over 300% ROI? Depending on whether you use seed or sod, you can recoup from 140% to 400% of your costs.

landscaping projects - Burkholder Brothers LandscapingGeneral Upgrades

Walkways make traversing your yard easier (and cleaner when mud is present) and they also make a yard appear more cared for. Large planters are visually appealing and relatively inexpensive. These types of upgrades can yield up to 100% ROI. Outdoor lighting can return 50% of the costs and adds greater security as well as more time to enjoy your outdoor living spaces.


A new patio can return up to 100% on your investment, depending on the materials used. This feature adds usable living space for your family and offers the canvas for future upgrades like outdoor kitchens and firepits.


A deck can complement your landscape and architecture, while increasing your living space and making room for entertaining options, like eating or cooking areas, and even a spa. Wood decks can return up to 100% return on investment, while other materials may return less.

Softscape Upgrade

Adding upgraded soil that better nurtures grass and plant growth is one of the relatively simple landscaping projects that improves the overall look of your lawn. Lush shrubs and trees lend privacy, shade and beauty. These types of upgrades can bring you a nearly 100% return on the costs while increasing your pride and pleasure in your landscape.

In addition, firepits, fireplaces and pools, which offer a great deal in terms of homeowner satisfaction, typically return 50%- 75% on the investment. These projects offer less ROI than some others, but with the potential to create wonderful family memories, many homeowners find them more than worth the difference.

Call Burkholder for all of Your Landscaping Projects

Burkholder Brothers landscaping has been designing, implementing and maintaining home landscapes and landscape features for over 20 years in the Main Line area. Our designers will help you determine which landscaping projects will add the most value and enjoyment within your budget. Call us and visit our Outdoor Design Showroom.


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