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Trends in Outdoor Kitchens and Grills

February 08, 2022

Outdoor kitchens and grills have become increasingly practical and popular! These appliances provide the opportunity for a homeowner to extend the theme of the indoor space outdoors, creating a hub for collaboration and entertainment with family and friends. A 2021 design trends report by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) found that 60% of homeowners want to add outdoor kitchens. Looking at some of the hottest trends in outdoor kitchens and grills may help you determine viable options for your own outdoor kitchen space.

Top Trends in Outdoor Kitchens and Grills

If you are considering updating your property, look at some of the top trends in outdoor kitchens and grills. Burkholder designs outdoor spaces using these features and more to create your ideal outdoor living space.

Different Grill Options & Features

When most people think of outdoor cooking in their backyards, the most common images that come to mind are grills and barbeques. Many homeowners have an outdoor grill, either gas or charcoal. However, more people are looking into other options for their grills. Wood-fired grills are gaining widespread recognition: grilling over wood can incorporate new flavors and aromas into whatever you are cooking. In addition, a wood-fired grill can now have many modern features and materials such as stainless steel.

Some homeowners are also turnings toward other options for their outdoor cooking desires. For example, fire pits and fireplaces invoke memories of sitting around a campfire and roasting marshmallows. Likewise, home chefs and grill masters often incorporate smokers into their outdoor kitchen designs.

Outdoor Grill with refrigerator and counter top | Trends in Outdoor Kitchens and Grills | Burkholder Landscaping
Kitchen with the works - Island, Grill, beer tap | Trends in Outdoor Kitchens and Grills | Burkholder Landscaping

Pizza Ovens

While the term “outdoor kitchen” is certainly suggestive of barbeques and bonfires for most homeowners, we should also mention the other capabilities these structures can possess. For example, pizza ovens are increasingly popular trends in outdoor kitchens and grills. People want to combine their love of pizza and cooking. In addition, pizza ovens invite creativity and casual dining experiences outdoors.

Outdoor Ice-Makers

Everyone knows that summer days are hot. However, suppose you are entertaining outdoors on a sunny day. In that case, drinks become warm quickly, and walking to the indoor kitchen to repeatedly refresh drinks is inconvenient (and maybe messy if kids are involved).

As a result, more and more homeowners are investing in outdoor ice-makers or refrigerators as part of a larger outdoor bar. The reason is apparent: people want to guarantee that their drinks are cold while remaining outdoors where the action is!

Additional Exterior Storage Options

A more extensive outdoor kitchen demands more appliances and requires more storage space for cooking accessories. As a result, one of the biggest trends in outdoor kitchens and grills is homeowners opting to have outdoor kitchen cabinets and shelving built into their existing features. These cabinets and shelves are much more attractive (and weatherproof) than cluttered storage bins. In addition, some homeowners are choosing to install kitchen islands, as the benefits are three-fold: more counter space, more storage, and extra seating. Islands can even house grills, bars, a tap, and other features.

Different Functional Zones

While people use their outdoor kitchens primarily for cooking, kitchens also serve as entertainment spaces. Increasingly common outdoor kitchen trends are kitchens with different zones that allow guests to interact with the cook while still occupying a comfortable space. For example, an outdoor kitchen might be next to a lounge area to let people chat with the cook while still having comfortable seating. In addition, the implementation of a dividing feature, such as a multi-level countertop, allows for contact between the host and the guests and creates a definitive entertainment culture.

Burkholder Designs Unique Spaces Utilizing Outdoor Kitchens and Grills

While the possibilities to expand and enhance your outdoor kitchen are limitless, we hope that these trends in outdoor kitchens and grills will help guide your research and decision to upgrade your outdoor space to include a kitchen. To take full advantage of your outdoor entertainment space and invigorate your outdoor kitchen project, contact Burkholder for a consultation today, and we will help you achieve the outdoor kitchen of your dreams!