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Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space with Outdoor Lighting

Your outdoor living space adds so much value to your home. Those outdoor spaces add livable areas for you to enjoy, either with guests at a party or with children playing outside. One of the most effective ways of making that space more welcoming is to upgrade your outdoor living space with outdoor lighting. Here are a few tips that will help take your outdoor enjoyment to the next level.

Upgrade My Outdoor Lighting

Let the Light Guide Your Way

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Path lighting provides both an aesthetically pleasing and functional purpose to your outdoor lighting setup. Path lighting gives you and guests a sense of direction, literally, highlighting paths to doors or around the yard. Walkways are a part of your landscape, too, so show off their textures and borders with these lights. One tip is to use soft, non-glaring lights that shine downward and place the lights at important spots on the path to highlight the shape of the path. This light placement will be aesthetically pleasing and avoid the airport runway look.

Path lights also improve safety and security. Seeing paths at night is easy enough during the summer, but during the winter when the sun sets early, lights act as a good safety feature. And shining downward? Those lights keep the glare out of your eyes and illuminate the ground, where they can help you see where you are going and prevent you from tripping or slipping.

Bring Focus to Your Foliage

Outdoor lighting can do far more than just light up your house or walkways; your landscape benefits from the light, too. If you have a certain tree, shrub, or any foliage you want to show off, use uplighting to bring attention to that feature. Good uplighting helps bring out the natural colors, textures, and structure of a tree and the added shadows will add a pleasing sense of drama to your property.

Your lighting setup can also be customized to blend in with your foliage. Think about the overall layout of your property, such as how a deck or pool interacts with the surrounding nature. You can show off special or unique features of your landscape while also expanding the outdoor living space.

outdoor lighting with kitchen and pool

Details Matter

Bringing focus and attention to the big pieces, the house façade, the tall trees, and the shrubbery is often the main goal people look into when installing a lighting system. But the details of the property are just as important. Fountains, garden statues, and pavilions can all benefit from lighting. Accent lighting provides the illumination to show off these details or areas within your property. Accent lighting adds depth to your home, expands the entire outdoor living space, and allows people to fully take in the details of your landscape. Highlighting the big, easily noticeable aspects of your landscape and showing off the little details is what takes your outdoor area from good to great.

Burkholder Designs Excellent Customized Outdoor Lighting Combinations to Meet Your Needs

Burkholder specializes in outdoor lighting design. Whether you just want to add beauty to your evening landscape, make outdoor space usable for nighttime, or you want to make sure that your home is more secure, we will design and install the perfect combination of lighting elements for your home. Contact us today for a consultation on how to upgrade your outdoor living space with outdoor lighting design!