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Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space With A Custom Flagstone Patio

Burkholder uses various materials to create exceptional patios for outdoor living spaces. One popular project choice for homeowners is a flagstone patio. Homeowners who choose flagstone find the material appealing for many reasons.

Advantages of Flagstone Patios

Flagstone has several advantages for use in patios and other parts of outdoor living spaces.


Many homeowners love the natural, organic look of this stone, which is available in multiple colors. Some of the colors include earthy shades of reds, blues, browns and grays.


Flagstone patios are very durable. We choose quality flagstone pavers that will last for many years with proper care.

Natural Cleft Full Color Flagstone Patio with carpet detail of Tan Flagstone Squares and Plum Flagstone details | Flagstone Patio | Burkholder Brothers

Slip Resistance

The texture of this natural stone provides slip resistance, which is a great quality for materials used in patios, walkways and pool surrounds that get plenty of water exposure in the summer time.


We mentioned the many color varieties of flagstone. Homeowners may choose one color for the whole patio or they may choose to incorporate a varied color pattern. In addition to colors, the uniqueness can be enhanced by using irregularly shaped pavers, or by combining different materials. For example, some flagstone patios have an inlay or surround of another material, like brick, for contrast and increased interest.

How to Care for A Flagstone Patio

Natural stone lasts for many years with proper care, so we have a few tips for maintaining your flagstone patio.

  1. Apply a natural stone sealer to protect the stone from spills and sun damage.
  2. Keep surface of flagstone pavers swept. Dirt and other debris can cause staining over time.
  3. Remove excess water with a squeegee. Over time standing water can cause weathering of the stone.
  4. Use a neutral pH stone cleaner when needed. Follow the product instructions for best results.

One other benefit of flagstone patios is that with the use of polymeric sand, we alleviate joint maintenance, add strength to the overall construction of the patio, and add a nice finishing touch. Polymeric sand is a mix of finely graded aggregate and a water-activated binding agent that is used between the joints of pavers and flagstone to hold everything tightly in place. The quality of the product can vary as well as the installer. Installation of polymeric sand must be done to the proper specifications, or the joint stabilizer can fail. This simple task, when installed correctly, can increase the longevity and beauty of your existing patio for years to come.

Contact Burkholder to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space With a Flagstone Patio

Burkholder designs and installs many custom outdoor elements, including techo-bloc and flagstone patios, walkways, pool surrounds and decks. For information about how you can upgrade your outdoor living space contact us today for a consultation