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What is Irrigation System Winterization?

While the beginning of fall invites warm sweaters, colorful leaves, and pumpkins to proliferate, the season also brings cooler weather. As temperatures drop, our irrigation systems are at risk, but many steps can be taken to reduce and entirely prevent freeze damage. Damage prevention is particularly important in our area, where we can experience long frigid winters, as evidenced by the winter of 2017-2018. Professional irrigation system winterization will help eliminate the risk of bursting in the winter, and ensure that they will continue to well work in the spring, too. Below, we will take a more in-depth look at winterization, and explore the benefits to homeowners.

Do I Need Irrigation System Winterization?

In the warmer months, sprinkler systems are incredibly beneficial: they help to maintain vibrant and manicured lawns. Once the weather cools down, however, these systems can cause irreversible damage, as any remaining water in the pipes will freeze, expand, and cause your pipes to crack— or even burst. Irrigation System Winterization removes all of the water from a sprinkler system so that pipes are a much lower rate of bursting.

How Does Irrigation System Winterization Work?

Typically, winterization is conducted using one of three types of water removal: manual drain, auto drain, or blowout. While the details of each of these methods vary, the general purpose is consistent: to turn off the main water supply to the irrigation system, deactivate the system, and drain all remaining water from the pipes. Manual draining requires hand-draining all of the extra water from sprinkler parts, whereas automatic draining will occur on its own only if your system has the appropriate valves and a low level of pressure. Blow-out draining harnesses compressed air to blow out all of the extra water. As this procedure can cause damage if done incorrectly, we recommend having professionals perform the task. The appropriate method for your house varies based on which type of system you have. Many homeowners opt to hire professionals to conduct winterization, as the process is complicated and dangerous.

Burkholder Specializes in Professional Irrigation System Winterization

This fall, ensure that your pipes are properly protected from cold weather. Burkholder specializes in professional irrigation system winterizations. We help you prevent irreversible damage, and save you a lot of money in system replacement costs. Contact us today for a free consultation— we would love to hear from you!