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2021 Landscape Design Trends You May Want to Try

January 06, 2021

Each new year, many homeowners plan to implement changes in their landscapes to improve their properties after the long winter. As this New Year gets underway, Burkholder offers 2021 landscape design trends to inspire you. Native plants are great options for people who want to bring new, low-maintenance plant life into their lawns. Incorporating indoor technology and accouterments will make outdoor living spaces more usable year-round. Smart, interconnected technology helps keep your property pristine and beautiful while reducing maintenance and saving you time and money. Here are a few landscape design trends to try out in 2021.

Native Plants

One of the significant trends we have noticed over the years is more homeowners opting for native plants in their landscapes and this trend appears to continue as with 2021 landscape design trends. Native plants offer several benefits for you and your landscape.

  • Because native plants have adapted to their respective natural environments, your landscape can maintain its beauty through the entire year, through heavy rain, snow and hot summers.
  • Native plants are also more likely to resist locally occurring pests and diseases.

Consider adding native plants to your gardens and landscape to make your property more beautiful with less maintenance.

Bringing the Indoors To the Outdoors

Another growing trend among homeowners is the use of their backyard to unwind and relax, bringing the comforts of the indoors to the natural beauty of the outdoors. Turn your backyard into a private getaway with some outdoor furniture. You can also turn your outdoor space into an entertainment area, with a pergola or pavilion to protect you from the elements and enable you to add other items such as sound systems or televisions.

Another method of bringing the indoors outside that has been quickly rising in popularity is an outdoor kitchen. Some of the outdoor kitchen and dining features homeowners want include:

  • Grills
  • Dining tables
  • Pizza ovens
  • Firepits

These outdoor features also add value to your home, so you and your family are getting both personal and practical value by expanding your outdoor living space.

Smart Technology

As technology grows more interconnected and makes our daily routines more convenient, one of the 2021 landscape design trends you may want to try is adding smart technology to your landscape. An example would be an intelligent irrigation system that automates irrigating your lawn and plants. The automation makes keeping your property watered convenient, while the smart technology prevents overwatering.

Some of the smart technology used in irrigation system includes the following:

  • Rain sensors
  • Local weather information linking
  • Wi-Fi sprinkler control applications for mobile devices

Another example is using smart technology in your outdoor lighting. For entertaining friends and family, you can use color-changing lights to help set the ideal atmosphere and mood for parties or family get-togethers. A smart lighting system also makes your property safer and deters trespassers by activating when the sun goes down. Both of these intelligent technologies make your properties safer, more valuable, and more usable.

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