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3 Benefits of Landscape Design to Improve Your Home

A well-maintained and designed landscape makes a great first impression on those visiting your home. The benefits of landscape design go beyond aesthetics. The professional landscape designers at Burkholder offer some of the ways that landscape design can benefit you and your family.

Benefits of Landscape Design

Many homeowners start thinking in the spring about ways to enjoy the outdoors. For many, those thoughts lead to a desire to improve their own outdoor living spaces. Below are three reasons that a landscape design project is a great idea.

1. Quality of Life

Landscape design can go a long way to improving the quality of life for you and your family. Green spaces, in general, have been shown to improve the mental and physical health of those who interact with them. For example, if you have a busy schedule with work and family, you may want to have a quiet, relaxing area outdoors to unwind. With landscape design, you can put up barriers such as fences or trees that give you privacy and make your yard quieter. As a result, a yard can be a serene area for those looking to get away from life’s stresses.

front stone walk with manicured plant beds and columned entrance | Benefits of Landscape Design | Burkholder Landscape

Your yard can also promote enjoyable physical activity, such as sports or gardening. You can design your landscape to be wide and open, add various features for entertaining, or even install a swimming pool. Other outdoor features that can improve your quality of life include:

  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Fireplaces
  • Seating & Dining Areas
  • Spas

These features can transform a backyard into whatever you want and need in your life, whether you want a private resort feel or a quiet getaway.

2. Increase Property Value

One of the great benefits of landscape design for the homeowner is that a beautiful, well-maintained landscape increases property values. Homes are more than shelter; homes are investments, and if the investment is in good condition, the value increases. Lawn care provides a return on investment of up to 270 percent. Improving an outdoor space from average to excellent has measurable effects on a home’s value.

Just having trees in a front yard has notable impacts on the property value. For example, large trees in yards along streets increase a home’s value from 3 percent to 15 percent. In addition, a smart sprinkler and irrigation system keeps lawns lush and green. Manicured gardens, well-built structures, and hardscaping such as pools and decks are examples of landscaping improvements that can increase curb appeal to potential buyers.

3. Better Entertainment and Social Value

Our homes and landscapes can allow us to gather and connect with family and friends. Many people’s homes and landscapes are social spaces, and having a welcoming, inviting space that facilitates and enhances social connection is valuable. Landscape design offers many different solutions for improving entertainment in the outdoors. When a home’s living space expands to the outdoors, new experiences unfold.

Here are examples of how landscapes can be used as social spaces and how landscape design can create or enhance those spaces.

  • Outdoor kitchens and grills provide new spaces for dining and engaging with family and friends.
  • Lounge areas with firepits or fireplaces let people relax and have conversations.
  • Lighting creates ambiance and the ability to highlight certain features of a home.
  • Pools and spas allow people to relax and cool off in the summer heat.

Landscaping design provides tremendous benefits for homeowners looking to make their homes centers for community and entertainment.

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Burkholder’s team of creative and experienced landscape designers can bring all the benefits of landscape design to your home. Our landscape professionals have served Main Line communities like Malvern, Villanova, and Bryn Mawr for decades, providing a wide range of landscaping services. To learn more about how landscape design can help increase the value and enjoyment of your home, contact us today.